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5 cleaning of mechanical parts

&Nbsp;   3 5 cleaning cleaning solution engineering machinery parts engineering machinery parts grease is mainly cannot Saponified oil and dirt, impurities such as form. Cannot Saponified oil and alkali works, cleaning of mechanical parts such as mineral oils, lubricants, are not soluble in water, construction machinery parts cleaning solution but soluble in organic solvents. Engineering machinery parts cleaning solution to remove the oil chemical and electrochemical methods; construction machinery parts commonly used cleaning fluid for cleaning organic solvents, alkaline solutions and chemicals to clean liquid; engineering machinery parts cleaning manual cleaning and mechanical cleaning in two ways.
&Nbsp;   3 types of construction machinery parts organic cleaning solvents. Common kerosene and light diesel oil, gasoline, alcohol and acetone, trichloroethylene, etc. With this way of dissolution of oil, engineering machinery parts cleaning liquid soluble oils. Advantage engineering machinery parts cleaning solution is without heating, easy to use, no damage to the metal, good cleaning effect. Drawback is the most flammable cleaning method of mechanical parts, construction machinery parts cleaning fluid high cost, suitable for precision parts and not wash parts with hot alkaline solution, such as plastics, nylon, leather, felt quality parts. Construction machinery parts cleaning liquid rubber pieces to note but can't use organic cleaning solvents.
&Nbsp;   construction machinery parts alkaline cleaning solution. Alkaline solution alkaline or alkaline aqueous solutions of salts, mechanical part cleaning method it used emulsifier cannot Saponified oil emulsified oils, mechanical part cleaning method is most widely used for decontamination cleaning fluid.
&Nbsp;   cleaning mechanical parts Emulsification is a liquid form after the minimum fine, uniformly distributed in another liquid. Formed in alkaline solution is added emulsifier emulsion, construction machinery parts cleaning solution can reduce the surface tension of oil film and adhesion, after the oil film is broken up into tiny droplets, not back to the metal surface, construction machinery parts cleaner to remove grease. Construction machinery parts washing SOAP liquid commonly used emulsifier, water glass (sodium silicate), bone glue, gum, triethanolamine, detergent, etc. Cleaning of machine parts should be aware that cleaning parts of different materials with different cleaning fluids. Effects of alkaline solution on corrosion of metals in varying degrees, cleaning of machine parts particularly corrosive to aluminum.
&Nbsp;   cleaning when cleaning mechanical parts with an alkaline solution, cleaning of machine parts in general solution needs to be heated to 80~90℃. Remove oil with hot water after washing, construction machinery parts cleaning solution to remove surface residue, which prevent the corrosion of parts. Guangzhou outer wall clean cleaning chemical cleaning of mechanical parts. Mechanical part cleaning method is a chemical synthesis of aqueous solutions of water-based cleaning agent for metal configurations, metal cleaning agent surfactants, cleaning of mechanical parts with strong decontamination capabilities. Cleaning of machine parts, construction machinery parts in cleaning agents and some adjuvant, can improve or increase the cleaning agent for metal corrosion, rust and carbon performance.
&Nbsp;   principles of cleaning machine parts is a detergent into cleaning liquid to wet surfaces, and then into the dirt and parts contact, breaking off the dirt from the surface, dispersion, or dissolved in the cleaning solution, or on the part surface to form emulsions, suspensions, the purpose of cleaning method to clean machine parts replacement parts.
&Nbsp;   liquid chemical cleaning for cleaning of mechanical parts common configuration of LCX-52 water-based cleaning agent cleaning agent for metal, CW metal cleaning agent, JSH high performance metal cleaning agent, DJ-04, D-3, metal cleaning agent cleaning agent for metal wash, NJ-841 agents, 817-C oil displacement agent, CJC-8 liquid metal cleaner.
&Nbsp;   cleaning of mechanical parts of the above cleaning preparation, concentration, temperature, and heating measures are required to strictly comply with its manufacturer's instructions. Construction machinery parts manual cleaning cleaning solution should be more strictly controlled temperature, brush and wipe clean. When there is a serious oil or carbon, mechanical part cleaning method available wire scrub brush. Cleaning shall be subject to a certain amount of time before soaking, meet the need of wet, soaked. Wash cleaning method cleaning of machine parts can be divided into coarse and fine washed after cleaning the cleaning solution if the oil is not serious to skim floating top oil, use it again.
&Nbsp;   cleaning 5 cleaning cleaning of machine parts machine parts clean. Construction machinery parts cleaning fluid into the part with diesel, kerosene or other liquid containers, using cotton to clean or wash with brush. Mechanical part cleaning method this method is simple, simple, but inefficient, suitable for single and small batch of small parts. Mechanical part cleaning method in General should not use gasoline because it is fat-soluble, could damage human health and cause a fire.
&Nbsp;   cleaning cooking washing of mechanical parts. To configure a solution and cleaning parts in steel welding sizes appropriate for cleaning pool, stove heated it to 80~90℃ under the pool, cook 3~5 min to wash.
&Nbsp;   cleaning spray washing of mechanical parts. Construction machinery parts cleaning fluid with pressure and temperature of the cleaning solution onto the surfaces to remove grease. Cleaning excellent cleaning effect of this method of construction machinery parts, high production efficiency, mechanical part cleaning method but complex equipment and is suitable for cleaning not too complicated, serious grease on the surface of the parts.
&Nbsp;   vibration cleaning cleaning of mechanical parts. Mechanical part cleaning method to clean parts in a vibrating washing machine cleaning basket or cleaning racks and soaked in cleaning solution, construction machinery parts cleaning washing machine vibration simulation of artificial bleaching rinse and cleaning fluid chemistry to remove grease.
&Nbsp;   cleaning ultrasonic cleaning of mechanical parts. Construction machinery parts cleaning solution cleaning fluid chemistry with interaction of ultrasonic oscillations in the cleaning fluid is introduced to remove the oil.
&Nbsp;   cleaning of mechanical parts Note: rational selection should be based on reasons and characteristics of oil cleaning method, to ensure normal use, construction machinery parts cleaning fluid to avoid corrosion or damage caused by cleaning of parts, to prevent pollution of the environment and the subsequent defacement of parts.

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