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Bathroom cleaning and disinfection method

&Nbsp;  , exhaust ventilation is important to provide moisture for bacteria living environment, is the source of the bacteria, so the bathroom exhaust ventilation is very important. In addition to bath to open the exhaust fan ventilation, keep the bath air dry fresh, usually Windows open for ventilation is also effective measures. If there is no bathroom Windows can use aromatherapy, necessary fumigation. On the choice of fragrance, attention must not point of mosquito-repellent incense. Incense and sandalwood can play a role in clean air, but don't rely on them, is still the most important and most effective air circulation.
&Nbsp;   II, and keep good of health habits first step: into toilet Hou, best don't will toilet paper lost in paper basket in the, so as not to germs with air spread, should will its lost into toilet cylinder within rushed go; if non-to with garbage tube also to select those stamped of, to maximum degree keep clean; second step: put toilet cover good, then only pulled water rushed toilet, avoid sewage outside splash, bacteria diffusion; third step: stay rushed toilet water completely still Hou, again open seat toilet cover. Fourth step: left in the toilet and toilet tank side of the yellow stains in time to clean up, not only prevents the spread of germs can also reduce the smell in the bathroom.
&Nbsp;   third, periodic disinfection against bacteria, to have everything attitude, especially the toilet. In addition to the usual use special detergents to clean and disinfected on a regular basis is essential. Use a 1:49 diluted household bleach (1 part bleach mixed with 49 parts of water) clean towels toilet seats, toilet and toilet tank side, wipe again with clean water and pour a bit of household bleach into the toilet tank water disinfection, thoroughly eliminate residual bacteria.
&Nbsp;   IV, other items of disinfection of faucet, shower, bathtub, shower, washbasins, countertops, carpet and floor tiles and other items also have to use a 1:99 diluted household bleach to wipe and scrub. Corner of the shower room is also easy hiding places, disinfected carefully. Still have special needs to clean drains. Because breeding worms are easily carried the bacteria in the drain through the drain climbs into residents ' homes in the extensive spread of the virus. When cleaning a spoonful of 1:99 diluted household bleach solution into the drain, after 5 minutes, rinse with water.
&Nbsp;   v, note 1. toilet seats are most likely to provoke bacterial parts, and it is the place of intimate contact with the body, they are able to use it or no, try to avoid the spread of germs, is used, be sure to change wash frequently, keep clean and dry; towels as well.
&Nbsp;   2. wipe clean with rag in the bacteria, and no less so after cleaning and wiping cloths should be out of place in the Sun.
&Nbsp;   3. will be made available in several General home cleaning, do not mix, as some detergents are acidic, alkaline, mix them together not clean, will also undergo chemical changes; 4. pipes and the toilet floor drain, to ensure unimpeded. If poor drainage and leak problems, must find the necessary timely maintenance of the property, so as to avoid germs with sewage into homes. Fans can easily gather filth, attention should be cleaned on a regular basis, so as to avoid bacteria in the moist air above.
&Nbsp;   5. toilet to avoid placing too many objects, keep items such as ceramic tile surface finish can also shorten the residence time of bacteria; the door handle is the place where everyone wants to contact, but relatively easy to ignore, to pay attention to clean.
&Nbsp;   six, showerhead blocking solutions allow us sometimes the rust stains in the water or water containing magnesium or calcium in the block, resulting in reduced water flow is not suitable or flow. This block is very difficult to clean up, vinegar can be said to be the most effective way, is easy to implement. As long as the shower head soak in vinegar water in the diluted 6 times, and before long, the blockage will naturally fall. Last as long as the vinegar rinse, shower smooth water.

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