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Cleaning how to integrate resources grow

&Nbsp;   It is well known that cleaning is a necessary in modern urban life in an industry. Due to the cleaning industry started late in China, present in traditional cleaning stage, group of stragglers in the large and medium cities is especially active, low level of clean, narrow services field; a small, low quality, services single, poor quality of service also became a general awareness of the current cleaning industry. In the developed countries of the world, cleaning industry has decades of history, cleaning has been integrated into a single division of detailed industry chain and a large workforce. How to change grass patterns, bottlenecks, it is difficult to avoid a topic of local cleaning companies in China.
&Nbsp;   as with all domestic cleaning companies, Li Jie ya environmental technology was founded just at the beginning of dozens of employees. On the basis of poor, with "responsive, sincere service" business philosophy and service attitude, in just 2 years, stand out from the cleaning of competitive enterprises in Guangzhou, became a leading enterprise with more than 800 workers. From the 2009 since it was launched, the company was named "315" consumers trust units in 2009, with strong strength appeared in the "top ten stone conservation construction enterprises", became the first first level qualification of construction enterprises in Guangzhou, was named the sincere service units. In June 2010 was named "Guangzhou cleaning cleaning industry quality, service and credit top ten demonstration unit". July 2010 to obtain "Guangzhou sanitation grade b qualification", "pool cleaning and disinfection of secondary water supply in Guangzhou qualification", "qualification of pest", "outer wall clean qualification", "scrub brush" cleaning cleaning most valuable brands, brand value ranking of the top three. As an rare full-service health management enterprises in Guangzhou, from the scope of cleaning cleaning industry leader is firmly on the throne. "Li Jie ya" became a wonder of the cleaning industry in China.
&Nbsp;   development is always the first proposition. While the nature of the enterprise development is the integration of resources, "resource integration, industrial chain integration" is a general trend in the development of the industry. After a long period of market research and analysis, decided to take a section with all the cleaning company franchise different--the way for the development of resource integration.
&Nbsp;   resource more resource contributions, cooperation, mutual benefit, equality and cooperation. Through using resources of complementary and swap phase combined means, put enterprise of financial resources, and products equipment resources, and spatio-temporal resources, and technology resources, and information resources, and brand resources, and culture resources, and management resources, and human resources, and market resources, and relationship resources, and channel resources, and social resources, many resources, for optimization and integration, through merger, and Union, and acquisition, and shares cooperation of way and all industry company or investors, equal of for cooperation.
&Nbsp;   clean Lia integration advocated by the total of resources sharing, hold together for development, cooperation and win-win concept, is not only the resources between the headquarter and the Coalition total, share, sharing, between the Union also is common, common, shared resources. Status and development of cleaning industry as a whole, resources integration approach is worthy of dissemination and promotion. Only gather together within the industry, maintains cleanliness the profession to stand in the competition, China, otherwise, there will be possible to erode, and conquer. Resource integration is actually in the exploration for the development of industry-wide road, which fully shows the "clean Liya" height of the resource integration and development perspective.
&Nbsp;   "Li Jie ya" believes that local cleaning cleaning companies if they want to become bigger and stronger, par and foreign first-class enterprises, there must be a new ideas and breakthroughs. Hold together for development, cooperation and win-win progress is a great idea.
&Nbsp;   to build China's first cleaning company is not only a "Li Jie ya", and it is "Jai Lai ya" with common goals with partners. Outlook determines the height, Jie Li Ya, Guangzhou environmental protection science and technology limited company able to compete in a rapidly changing market firmly grasp the initiative in innovation is one of the main reasons for change. Perhaps it is this spirit of innovation for change, "Li Jie ya" event in a pen on the writing of China cleaning industry!
&Nbsp;   21st century China, accompanied by accelerating the process of industrialization, urban pollution, particularly exposed external walls of buildings and the growing popularity of luxury interior decoration. All kinds of dust in the atmosphere attached to the appearance of the building, the direct effect of corrosive substances, the appearance of buildings subjected to varying degrees of pollution, has seriously affected the image and appearance of the city. Meanwhile, with the improvement of people's living standards, "money cleaning" is becoming the trend of the times and a new consumption fashion. So the professional cleaning industry has started to become a very attractive and promising investments, annual market demand of 300 billion yuan, is getting more and more investor attention and favor.

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