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Cleaning products use common sense

&Nbsp;   spots stains by cleaning with disinfectants:
    A. Universal disinfection and cleaning, disinfection and ratio of 1:20, cleaning ratio of 1:40.
    B. Projects or ENVY of the disinfectant solution.
    C. Glass cleaner, the ratio is 1:10, or concentrated glass cleaner, the ratio was 1:20-40, with universal disinfection cleaner replacement ratio is 1:120.
&Nbsp;   tools and supplies:
    A. Clean towels several blocks (preferably divided into different colors to distinguish between different CDM project).
    B. Rubber gloves.
&Nbsp;   steps:
    ⑴. Put on rubber gloves, diluted detergent put them in watering cans, spray evenly on the towel.
    ⑵. Starting at the door counter-clockwise from areas of high to low below the shoulders clean, including door knobs, Wall shelves, bed, desk, table, telephone, switch boxes, hand prints on the wall and stain removal.
    ⑶. Wipe the glass, uniform spray glass cleaner on the towel, smudges and fingerprints on the glass and mirrors removed.
    ⑷. Finished cleaning, detergent and towels to clean the car neatly at the specified location.
&Nbsp;   Note:
    1. ENVY only applies to China, such as counter tops, basins, urinals, porcelain surface disinfection.
    2. Professional all-round cleaning agent (referred to as APC) only clean, no disinfection and can be used for washing and cleaning the walls.
    3. Below the shoulders, counterclockwise direction.
    4. Furniture with painted and waxed, must use detergents carefully, so as not to cause a chemical reaction.
    5. When the glass with water or mirror when not completely clean, available glass cleaner to remove.
    6. Clean facilities and equipment are checked against the, check for good.
&Nbsp;   cleaning and disinfecting bathroom power:
    A. Glass cleaner, the ratio is 1:10, or concentrated glass cleaner, the ratio was 1:20-40.
    B. Universal disinfecting detergent, ratio of 1:20.
    C. Toilet agent.
    D. Descaling agent.
    E. Sterilization cleaning agents (desktop and Mesa) (ENVY), commonly known as "clean porcelain".
    F. Like a ball of pesticides pesticide or radar.
    G. Air freshener.
    H. Balls of flavor.
&Nbsp;   tools and supplies:
    A. Toilet brushes and containers.
    B. Cleaning cloth (white, yellow, and blue tricolor), cleaning cloths, rubber gloves.
    C. Wet MOP head and handle.
    D. Gao Chen swept head and handle.
    E. Water bucket and squeezed.
    F. "Slip carefully" warning signs and "cleaning".
    G. Amenities: toilet paper, hand Sanitizer, tissues.
    H. Small and large garbage bags.
    I. Watering can filled with glass cleaner.
    J. Universal disinfecting detergent sprayer.
&Nbsp;   steps:
    ⑴. Bring clean cars to the bathroom doorway, "cleaning" card hanging on the bathroom doorknob.
    ⑵. Place the "caution: slippery floor" warning signs. Warning sign on the door side of the shaft, without prejudice to walk, visible location, knocking at the door know no one before entering.
    ⑶. Receipt, taking out the trash.
    ⑷. High dust removal.
    ⑸. Key parts of the cleaning and disinfection (doors, shelves, switch boxes, glove, hooks, soap dispenser, hand dryer, toilet paper stand, part of the wall, using the towel's color to blue).
    ⑹. Clean the table and mirror. Use universal disinfection cleaner (ratio 1:20) and glass cleaner (ratio 1:10).
    A. Scouring pad soaked with water first, then the Almighty clean spray on wet cleaning cloth, cleaning and disinfection of countertops, vanities, faucets, especially the faucet at the bottom and the rear of the cleaner.
    B. While cleaning the mirror, first playing a little water, wiping with a dry towel, if the stain won't rub clean, use glass cleaner. First uniform glass cleaner sprayed on a dry towel (white), and then to wipe the stain on the mirror, to ensure that no trace of water, stains.
    C. Universal disinfection and cleaning agent is evenly sprayed on dry towel (white), the cleaning and disinfection of countertops, vanities, faucets, ensure that the tap without any trace of water, table, sometimes without any trace of water, hair stains.
    ⑺. Clean toilet and urinal.
    A. Required items in a basket or bucket, includes: toilet brushes and containers, Kang Jiejie toilet disinfectant agent, ENVY, a dry towel (yellow) one to two blocks.
    B. Starting from the inside to the outside clean toilet.
&Nbsp;   first flush toilet in the debris, and check that the water tank and water is unobstructed, picked up the tank cover, gently laid flat on the ground, then universal disinfection cleaner spray on cleaning cloth, clean water tank floating ball, the water block and the tank wall and the bottom of the tank clean sand. Then along the toilet outlet toilet agent wall uniformity on the toilet, after agents react with dirt and brush inside of the toilet outlet, then brush the toilet drain. When brushing the drain, should pay attention to clean inside the mouth. Brush a few times with a toilet brush, one brush scale and impurities, and second, to dredge up into the role. Stubborn stains, you can use the detergent to remove. After brushing, toilet brush solvent on drain, into the container. ENVY spray disinfectant evenly on the dry towel (yellow), first on the upper edge of the toilet disinfection, then sit the bottom, top, flat bottom, top, water tanks and toilet outside. Cleaning is completed, flush toilet, so as to avoid residual liquid.
    C. Clean the urinal.
&Nbsp;   debris in the first rinse the urinal, check the outlet and the drain is clear. Then took the ball out of flavor in a small trash bag ready. Toilet agent evenly on the toilet brush, brush the urinal outlet, then brush from top to bottom to drain. Brush water port, the urinal drain CAP to be picked up, one is to brush the pool drain, the second is the brush cap plug of dirt. ENVY spray disinfectant evenly on the dry towel (yellow), external to the urinals were disinfected. If you have stainless steel or plated parts, universal disinfection and cleaning agents for cleaning and disinfection.
    ⑻. Clean the wall surface (usually once a week).
&Nbsp;   from top to bottom with a wet towel to clean, try not to use cleaning agents.
    ⑼. Additional guest supplies.
    A. Toilet paper and Kleenex.
&Nbsp;   toilet paper in a paper and fold into a triangle shape, fold the head from left to right down the toilet paper at right angles, and then fold the bottom corner to another corner. Secondary use of paper to be recycled, do not put paper in the paper or on the water tank. Tissue paper to fold a corner, same as toilet paper folding method.
    B. Supplement when SOAP, hand sanitizers do not fill too full, there should be some space over indicates mirror, hand Sanitizer cannot be diluted.
    C. Add flavor when shot out, chopped small. Each urinal to ensure two or three balls of flavor, size is medium.
    ⑽. The ground is wet.
&Nbsp;   bathroom, often water, drag is not easy to dry, so dry, and wet. When wet, wet the end to the door of the bathroom. Wet corners, using s-type drag-and-drag method of wet surfaces. Larger rooms can be divided into several parts step by step to the entrance.
&Nbsp;   spray air fresheners.
    ⑾. For self-examination.
&Nbsp;   is mainly two checks, namely: engineering quality inspection and quality checks.
    A. First is the engineering quality inspection.
&Nbsp;   when we do high altitude dust, clean to the area above the shoulders at the same time, and the engineering quality checking. When in focus cleansing and disinfection, to clean the area below the shoulders at the same time, also made a quality examination. While cleaning the toilet, urinal, basin, and targeted engineering quality inspection. Now check, is a review of your advance check, check for forgotten local or unexpected situations, and recorded in a timely manner it, report your superiors.
    B. Hygiene quality inspection.
&Nbsp;   clean areas and projects for you to check. Check for missing items, not clean, quality does not meet the requirements, to be remedied in a timely manner.
    C. After checking for ground dried, be removed, "caution: slippery floor" sign and "cleaning".
&Nbsp;   Note:
    1. While cleaning the toilet, pay attention to the edge and back, bottom cleaning, periodically (once a week) to clean the water tank inside the urinal to pay attention to the edge of the lid Plug and clean with a scouring brush to avoid distraction techniques.
    2. Examination, should stand at the door, if not clean, stop into the clean area, so as to avoid secondary pollution.
    3. Bathroom surface such as polished stone, do not wet, you can use the following ways to clean.
&Nbsp;   a. water with a dry MOP or wipe dry.
&Nbsp;   b. laying the waterproof anti-slip mats available for protection.
&Nbsp;   c. in case if the conditions permit, may make the surface crystallization treatment.
&Nbsp;   (dust) tools and supplies:
    A. 30cm, 45cm, 60cm, 90cm, 110cm, tractors frame and drag handle and several spray pulls the dust fluid drag head, tractors prepared for 1:3, namely: 1 standby 1 cleaning 1. Universal disinfection and cleaning agents (sprayer mounted), ratio of 1:20.
    B. Vacuum cleaner.
    C. Dustpan, broom.
    D. Garbage bags.
    E. Towel piece.
    F. Blade.
&Nbsp;   steps:
    ⑴. According to the size of the work area, choose different sizes of dust.
    ⑵. Large, open area, you should choose 90-120cm dust, channel selection 60-90cm the dust.
    ⑶. In a smaller room, you should choose 30cm or 45cm tractors.
    ⑷. First, pulls the dust fluid drag wig spray on the bracket, and install the handle. Sought to head close to the line, starting from the right side of the room or corridor. Tractors in direction along the length of the wall, while working in a corridor, moving about 38 meters, and then go further back.
    ⑸. Turn, the dust should be close to the floor to do 180 ° turn every MOP MOP the overlap of 5 cm before the ECHO, dust must not be lifted so as not to affect the cleaning effect.
    ⑹. Move furniture or other obstructions so that you can do for a whole floor. To pay special attention to corners.
    ⑺. At work, use a shovel to clear glued like chewing gum and tar stains.
&Nbsp;   If the water stain on the floor, towels should be used to water stains to dry, then push the dust. Push the dust, head should be cleaned frequently, ensure that tractors can continue to clean effectively.
    ⑻. Finally, push the dirt over the corner or wall without prejudice to walk places, collected with a hand brush and dustpan immediately began to push the dirt, garbage bags and pour into prepared in advance. Dirt must not be left to wait for later processing.
&Nbsp;   Note:
    1. Spray MOP pulls the dust fluid drag head must be used after 24 hours (oil base pulls the dust fluid).
    2. Push the dust, dust should be close to the floor, keep going in perpetuity. Dust may not be lifted.
    3. Push the dust after the dirt collected in a timely manner, into the garbage bag.
    4. When the trailer is cleaned with a hand brush, gently cleaning.
    5. Operation and maintenance of vacuum cleaners, security and other considerations, please refer to the cleaning equipment and accessories operating procedures manual for the implementation of the provisions.

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