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Furniture cleaning professional lectures

&Nbsp;   furniture finish restore luster tips: surface painted furniture, such as desks, bookcases, doors, cupboard, with long paint Sheen became very dark. BREW a pot of tea, and wait to cool after scrubbing with a soft cloth dipped in paint, you can restore the original luster, the furniture is old for the new.
&Nbsp;   old furniture painting tips: If you want to brush up the old wood furniture oil, here are two new paint removal method, available for you to use. ⑴ with alkali heated water into solution, mixed paint Chen until the paint softens and then Ma Liangen Chen brush. B buy a bag of processed photo of developer powder, into the solution as description, amount of extra hot water, painted furniture, old paint will soon become soft, cloth to scrub to get rid of Chen Qi.
&Nbsp;   maintenance tips for carpet: rug is the family decoration, the beautified space environment decoration material. Carpet color variety, texture soft, walks comfortably, are widely used. Carpets when used, requires vacuumed once a day, so you can keep your carpet clean. How to clean carpet? 1. daily using a brush and suction. Brush roll not only combs the carpet and paint the adhesion of dust and grime. So cleaning is better than a simple vacuuming. 2. to remove stains. New stains are most easily removed, must be cleared in a timely manner. If the stain dry or deep into carpet, carpet can cause long-term damage. 3. regular interim cleaning. Pedestrians frequent rug, needs beating, regular interim cleaning with dry foam cleaning method to remove sticky dirt. 4. deep cleaning. Once the dust deposited deep in the carpet fibers, you have to take the clean shop clean.

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