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Hotel public areas carpet cleaning and maintenance

&Nbsp;   in the public area cleaning, carpet cleaning, carpet cleaning is an expensive and never-ending job. Vacuum the carpet every day, and regular cleaning.
&Nbsp;   shoes once stepped on the carpet with sand, sand will be embedded in the carpet, the carpet fibers are worn. Traces of food and oil stains out of the carpet if not eliminate, over time will have to use strong cleaning agents or solvents, which are not conducive to cleaning and maintenance. Therefore, regular carpet maintenance is essential, will not only clean the carpet, and reduced investment in carpet.
&Nbsp;   second method due to the development of science and technology, maintenance carpet, carpet cleaning method is also undergoing some changes, many new detergent formulations are proposed, and carpet maintenance work has become increasingly specialized.
&Nbsp;   for carpets, maintenance and cleaning are different. Most is in carpet product dust many of when only to clean, some hotel of management personnel always to to carpet looks has is dirty has of when, only arrangements personnel clean, and then product dust has hard removal has carpet Shang about 70% of dust is is less than 3 Micron of (people of hair is 50 micron, General eye can see 10 micron), so dang can see carpet Shang has dust Shi, on description dust has many, and fiber structure within forever also not like new of carpet so clean has. If a correct maintenance methods to prevent this phenomenon from happening, then expensive carpeting investment will be protected.
&Nbsp;   1. regular vacuuming thoroughly vacuum carpet maintenance is the most crucial work. Daily vacuuming the carpet, crowded places several times a day. Regular cleaning can reduce the frequency of washing the carpet, have been enough to restore the elasticity of the carpet fibers, carpet soft.
&Nbsp;   2. removing carpet stains ink, drinks, such as accidentally spilled on the carpet, cleaning in time to avoid dirt penetration and diffusion. In addition, stain etching time is too long, laborious and time-consuming when cleaning, a lot cleaner, easy to damage carpet fibers. If carpet stains local, local cleaning on this immediately, or for a long time will be difficult to remove and may leave a permanent trace of carpet.
&Nbsp;   the following is a common carpet stain treatment method:
&Nbsp;   (1) coffee stain. Thoroughly dry the coffee liquid, can be cleaned with water and soda or a special cleaning solution, then wipe dry with a clean white cloth, wipe.
&Nbsp;   (2) wax. Wax put on a clean white cloth and spray water on the cloth, then use an electric iron parts of hot wax, the wax will dissolve in the heat on a white cloth.
&Nbsp;   (3) ballpoint pen stains. Clean with alcohol, then wipe dry with a clean white cloth.
&Nbsp;   (4) lipstick stains. Cleaning with alcohol, then wipe dry with a clean white cloth.
&Nbsp;   (5) chewing gum stains. Cooling box parts harden and lose force, this makes it easy to scrape the chewing gum from the carpet, and the remaining few stains, use alcohol or cleaning agent for cleaning, then wipe dry with a clean white cloth.
&Nbsp;   (6) red wine stains. Be immediately sucked the wine stain with a cloth, then rub some salt into stains, after about 2 hours, thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner sucked clean and remove stains.
&Nbsp;   (7) smoke stains. If the carpet has been burnt, the charred parts cut with a blade.
&Nbsp;   (8) to the blood. Need to thoroughly dry blood stains, wipe with clean water and drain water, and then wipe clean with a detergent solution, blot solution, and finally wipe with clean water and dry.
&Nbsp;   3. regular thorough cleaning of the carpet to carpet with long and beautiful, except for daily vacuuming, but also pay attention to cleaning. To extend the life of carpet, must develop a set of appropriate cleaning program.
&Nbsp;   cleaning the carpets are of a very high technical requirements, hotels should be equipped with professional carpet cleaning, and undergo a rigorous training before they can operate independently. Carpet cleaning carpet according to texture and carpet laying position and degree of dirt, arrange different cleaning methods.
&Nbsp;   (1) dry washing materials and tools: powdered carpet cleaners, carpet cleaners, dry washing machine.
&Nbsp;   how to: 1) thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner vacuuming; 2) liberally sprinkle powdered carpet cleaner on the carpet; 3) wipe with dry washes the rug mill until the stain removal; 4) thorough vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner.
&Nbsp;   cleaning characteristics and notes: 1) this method is suitable for the small area of the place, is a lightweight method of operation and cannot be used for thorough cleaning of carpets; 2) one man operation, in the course of operation, to other work without prejudice; 3) not over wet the carpet, no shrinking phenomenon; 4) clean immediately after use, do not affect the normal business activities.
&Nbsp;   (2) dry foam cleaning materials and tools: dry foam detergents, cleaners, buckets and protective pads, dry foam carpet washer.
&Nbsp;   operation method: 1) with vacuum cleaner completely sucking dust; 2) will dry bubble clean agent by proportion on water pour bucket within, again pour people dry bubble wash carpet machine within; 3) with dry bubble carpet machine will clean agent bubble wipe people carpet in the; 4) dry bubble machine of polished to is square overlap; 5) polished Hou with vacuum cleaner will dirt bubble completely sucking clean.
&Nbsp;   cleaning characteristics and notes: 1) applies to any dirty carpet; 2) enclosed work area for a short period, not the carpet too wet; 3) to foam carpet washing machine stopped working, or protective pads pads should immediately leave the carpet surface at the bottom of the machine to protect the carpet.
&Nbsp;   (3) disc dry foam cleaning materials and tools dry foam carpet cleaning, dry foam cleaning carpet machines, Soft nylon brush, vacuum cleaner, bucket and protective pads.
&Nbsp;   operation method: 1) with vacuum cleaner completely sucking dust; 2) will clean agent by proportion on good pour bucket within, then pour dry bubble wash carpet machine within; 3) will dry bubble wash carpet machine put in carpet Shang; 4) with dry bubble wash carpet machine will bubble uniform wipe into carpet in the; 5) machine of to is by left Shang angle began right angle for round mutual stack. The machine is moved to the left, back down one line and then pushed to the right by the circular cross-stack method, each about 10 feet or so, Governor, uplink and downlink interval between stacked about 5 inches, 6) carpet completely dried, vacuum thoroughly.
&Nbsp;   cleaning features and the note matters: 1) applies Yu various compared dirty of carpet; 2) need professionals operation, so as not to left marks or had wet; 3) wash carpet machine larger, hair brush should not be too fine; 4) machine overweight or pressure wipe will makes carpet fiber loose; 5) machine stopped Shi, should immediately moved open carpet surface or down protection pad; 6) the cleaning method need more long of work time.
&Nbsp;   (4), disc-shaped wet washing materials and tools: carpet cleaning, carpet cleaning machine, Soft nylon dish, vacuum cleaners, protective pads and buckets.
&Nbsp;   how to: same as the disc dry foam method.
&Nbsp;   cleaning characteristics and considerations: same as the disc dry foam method, the only difference is that the carpet is wet after washing, drying time is longer, easy water stains.
&Nbsp;   (5) cold water washing materials and tools: cold water extractors, carpet cleaners, vacuum cleaners and buckets.
&Nbsp;   how to: 1) thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner vacuuming; 2) according to the proportion of cold water with detergent in the well and pour into a bucket, then pour the machine; 3) open the machine in a straight line to promote overtaking. Close the sprinkler, drag the overtaking and turn on the vacuum pump switches, to absorb the extra water; 4) moves to a different row repeat these actions; 5) carpets thoroughly dried, vacuum thoroughly.
&Nbsp;   cleaning characteristics and notes: 1) need professionals to operate, avoid wet the carpet; 2), this Act applies to any dirty carpet; 3) this cleaning method should not be too many times, so as not to damage the carpet.
&Nbsp;   (6) hot water carpet extraction method. This cleaning method and the cold water wash method are exactly the same, the only difference is the use of hot water, if they are used improperly, the degree of hazard is greater than cold water wash method.
&Nbsp;   no matter which method you use to clean carpets, the ultimate goal is to make the carpet cleaner, carpet maintenance, extend the life of carpet, so using different methods of cleaning under the circumstances in order to achieve the best results.
&Nbsp;   4. specific problem on carpet care, carpet care beyond vacuuming, cleaning, also note that in addition to stains and finishing, carpet care in several specific issues are described below:
&Nbsp;   (1) stain removal. As long as one has splashed a small stain on the carpet should be removed as soon as possible. Use spotting box for this work is the most convenient way. Removal boxes are necessary materials for emergency use, such as scouring agents (chewing gum spotting agents, agent, coffee stain remover), soft bristled scrub brush, cleaning cloth, and so on. If the stain is not removed as soon as possible, before the daily vacuuming or cleaning carpets prior to treatment.
&Nbsp;   (2) cut. On the new carpet can find long-term, these loose wool is not hard from the carpet pulled out, but should be cut to make it flush with the other blanket wool.
&Nbsp;   (3), plush carpet vacuuming. This carpet cleaner is difficult, therefore, selecting the correct direction of cleaning is very important. The cleaner backwards in the dust cleaning to avoid fluff are trodden down.
&Nbsp;   (4) dust prevention. Door and carpet the ground connections are dust-up, these place mats, you can reduce the accumulation of dust in the deep.
&Nbsp;   (5) burn. To be cigarette damage carpet, carefully tufted carpet burnt end cut off, to hide, and then wipe clean with a detergent and water. Very short wool carpet, sanded, wipe to eliminate traces of burning.
&Nbsp;   (6) car track. Working with rubber wheels, rolling on the carpet, leaving a black flat, always wipe the wheels, and promptly wipe black marks on the carpet to avoid dye black marks on the carpet product.
&Nbsp;   (7) dent. To prevent furniture leave indentations in the carpet, furniture pads can be used, and often transform furniture locations. If after you reposition furniture, would have a dent on the carpet, steam irons available on dent at the iron back and forth gently, and then use the brush to fluff after ironing.

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