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Pool cleaning detailed standard operating procedures

&Nbsp;   1, objective 1.1 pool cleaning standard operating procedures to guarantee water supply clean, sanitary inspection standards.
&Nbsp;   2, the scope of pool 2.1 cleaning and disinfection of the water tank and repair of valves, float valves.
&Nbsp;   3, 3.1 underground Cistern cleaning two times a year, for tank cleaning twice, if special needs can increase the frequency of cleaning. After cleaning, epidemic prevention station tests, samples taken by professional cleaning units sent evidence to meet national health standards for drinking water.
&Nbsp;   3.2 cleaning work performed by the obtained certificate of professional cleaning staff to have a health certificate.
&Nbsp;   3.3 cleaning preparations.
&Nbsp;   3.3.1 pool cleaning personnel should prepare the required electrical and mechanical tools, cleaning tools, disinfection and disinfection tools.
&Nbsp;   3.3.2 according to the cleaning schedule, Director approval of suspension. Cleaning shall notify the account suspension notices the week before, so that customers get water ready.
&Nbsp;   3.4 washing 3.4.1 close the water inlet valve, close the connecting valve between the tanks, open the drain valve, emptying water tank and the water in the water tank.
&Nbsp;   3.4.2 drain valve is in the open position, sink, water tank with a blower air conditioning for more than 2 hours, so air can flow, excluding toxic gases in the sink, water tank, blowing fresh air.
&Nbsp;   3.4.3 cleaning heads gathered the pool cleaning cleaning and maintenance personnel to explain procedures, security measures, technical requirements, and security considerations.
&Nbsp;   3.4.4 put lighted candles in the bottom, if not extinguished within the pool without oxygen.
&Nbsp;   3.4.5 installation 36V lamp lighting within the water tank, water tank.
&Nbsp;   3.4.6 work cleaning and maintenance personnel to enter the pool.
&Nbsp;   3.4.7 scrub cubes on pool cleaning pool (box) the three horizontal, vertical, and repair pool (box) pipe and the float, the water level controller for maintenance.
&Nbsp;   3.4.8 finished cleaning the rear tank (tank) in the sewage, then to the pool (box) spilled bleach concentrate disinfectant.
&Nbsp;   3.4.9 after half an hour, into the pool again (box) rinse, final disinfection after three rounds, cleared the bottom sludge pump out stagnant water in the pool.
&Nbsp;   3.4.10 in cleaning the pool at the same time, sent for repair, cleaning, fastening the valve, clean the filter and check the electric control line.
&Nbsp;   3.4.11 check facilities after normal, water injection into the pool water samples taken to the city's epidemic prevention station tests and evidence collection.
&Nbsp;   3.4.12 cover lock.
&Nbsp;   3.5 security considerations 3.5.1 using safe voltage lamps, well insulated wire, and install a GFCI.
&Nbsp;   3.5.2 upper and lower basins should wear non-slip shoes, shipping items such as ropes.
&Nbsp;   3.5.3 before without there is no oxygen in the tank, not allowed to enter the pool.
&Nbsp;   3.5.4 disinfection personnel must wear protective goggles and a face mask.
&Nbsp;   high pool cleaning management practices 1. Objective to ensure normal water supply, water quality is good.
&Nbsp;   2, scope management pool high in the region.
&Nbsp;   3. Description 3.1 project---according to the norms of maintenance supervisor to develop high pool cleaning program.
&Nbsp;   3.2 maintenance foreman---high pool cleaning implement in accordance with this specification.
&Nbsp;   3.3 Device Manager---accept maintenance foreman, deployment, in accordance with this specification for high working pool cleaning, testing water samples.
&Nbsp;  ---3.4 customer service combined with property owners.
&Nbsp;   4, regulations 4.1 maintenance personnel and pre-service health checks on water tank cleaning, after passing the post.
&Nbsp;   4.2 for drinking water in the pool must be health and safety.
&Nbsp;   4.3 pool must be a covered, outdoor shall be kept locked and ensure the sealed of pool and security. And may not be stacked within the pool of toxic, hazardous and volatile substances.
&Nbsp;   4.4 pool room shall be kept locked by the person responsible for the custody of keys.
&Nbsp;   4.5 pool must be cleaned twice a year, to ensure water quality meets the requirements of the health sector.
&Nbsp;   4.6 regular checks the pool's water level control valve and water level alarms ensure normal community water supply.
&Nbsp;   4.7 water tank, pond maintenance materials, the coating must be no poison, no smell, its material results in the health sector.
&Nbsp;   4.8 in the tank must be checked when the daily shift patrol, and completes the record.
&Nbsp;   5. cleaning specifications 5.1 notice a) high tank cleaning once every six months, cleaning and disinfection once a year.
&Nbsp;   b) Maintenance Department in each pool (box) cleansing and disinfection program required two days ' advance notice prior to implementation of customer service centers make announcements.
&Nbsp;   c) customer service center in front of a planned 24-hour notices shall be posted out of the water, and notifies the user.
&Nbsp;   5.2 release    Guangzhou pool cleaning in order to ensure the normal supply of owners/tenants, pool water must be forward to cleaning and disinfecting pool (box) for the first 3 hours (time pool size), water drainage and to record the start time and end time.
&Nbsp;   5.3 secondary water cleaning and disinfection procedures 5.3.1 preparation of tools and appliances: broom, nylon brush, shovel, disinfectants, lighting, submersible pumps, and so on.
&Nbsp;   5.3.2 safety precautions:
&Nbsp;   a) power source: operating within the pool of light source with voltage 36V security lighting, better to use a flashlight, emergency lights, three-phase pumps equipped with a GFCI.
&Nbsp;   b) hypoxia: some pool closed for a long time, no ventilation holes, air flow is extremely poor, but in the bottom of the tank water inlet connection hair dryer blower, ventilation time of about 3 hours.
&Nbsp;   c) Note: during the process of cleansing of water tanks, sterilization personnel should wear protective glasses and masks, such as in the tank does not feel well, acid flux, gas tightness, dizziness, eyes tight, will get out of a pool, flush eyes with water, a breath of fresh air to recover.
&Nbsp;   5.4 in addition to debris and wash basin (box) the bottom, in turn, repeatedly brushing? walls? when cleaning pool cleaning, first with shovels out the silt and sediment in the pool, and then using a broom or nylon brush from the pool (box) tops, scrub the complete whole wash again with clean water and sewage.
&Nbsp;   5.5 serious maintenance pool piping, water level gauge, floating ball valve.
&Nbsp;   5.6.1 5.6 disinfection sterilization of 1:100 net (bleaching powder) solution for disinfection, disinfection followed by repeated scrubbing with a broom or nylon brush, and pool (box) covered, closed half an hour from the disinfectant.
&Nbsp;   5.6.2 pools (internal) people to tap water, these repeated cleaning with water, cleaning out the disinfectant.
&Nbsp;   5.7 5.8 thorough in cleaning water injection is complete, start the water pump to the pool of life (box) with water, reach the calibration levels high, and affix the lock, fill in the water tank, pool cleaning record.
&Nbsp;   5.9 sampling 5.9.1 water sampling and submittal for inspection by the device administrator.
&Nbsp;   5.9.2 water extraction from the ground floor pool and tap the sample one.
&Nbsp;   5.9.3 container for holding water bottles for mineral water or distilled water, water holding capacity of 500 ml, and attach a sample bottle and sample date.
&Nbsp;   5.9.4 in samples taken the same day by the facility manager will deliver water to hygiene and epidemic prevention station client, and get the health testing results report form for customer service center archive.
&Nbsp;   5.9.5, such as the result of the health test result report for the unqualified, should be arranged by the customer service center supervisor cleaned and disinfect pools (boxes) and, if necessary, request the health and epidemic prevention departments to send someone to monitor the whole process, until the qualified so far.

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