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The carpet was, how should we remove all?

&Nbsp;   carpet is dirty, how should we remove all? seven ways to show you how to easily and effectively removes stains out of the carpet!
&Nbsp;   carpet the how maintenance and clean 1, and manual cluster velvet rubber back carpet for natural fiber or chemical fiber made, in using Shi do not contact burning real; 2, and carpet using early blanket surface will produced few floating hair, using must time Hou will gradually reduced, usually should note cleanup carpet Shang of floating hair; 3, and should avoid local weights long-term static pressure, so as not to caused pour velvet, effect blanket surface of beautiful; 4, and should avoid ground wet, case damaged carpet of back cloth and end of fabric; 5, and When carpet dust due to long-term use, regular vacuuming; 6, carpet if local pollution, dry cleaning and ordinary dry cleaning agents to clean the carpet, and then wipe clean with a damp cloth, and dry in the shade.
&Nbsp;   7, not local bath, do not use organic solvent such as gasoline, so as to avoid fading and damage the carpet NAP; such as carpet when the polluted or stale, overall water renewal.

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