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Tips on cleaning carpets

&Nbsp;   have customers call and ask: home new carpet soon dirty and colors also changed. Friends say I care the right way. Carpets should be cleaned and maintained?
&Nbsp;   a: Home carpet vacuumed once a day, so you can keep your carpet clean. If not, over time it will cause discoloration, deterioration of carpet, once the local mold cleaning will be late again. Of course, different types of carpet, there are different methods of cleaning and cleaning cycles.
&Nbsp;   environmental protection technology limited Guangzhou Jie Li Ya listed four methods of maintenance of carpet:
&Nbsp;  : daily brush vacuum, suck up dust on the surface of the carpet as soon as possible, so as to avoid dust deposition between the wool fiber. Brush roll not only combs the carpet and paint the adhesion of dust and grime so that sucked, so cleaning is better than a simple vacuuming.
&Nbsp;   second: removing stains, new stains are most easily removed, must be cleared in a timely manner. If the stain dry or deep into carpet, carpet can cause long-term damage.
&Nbsp;   third: regular interim cleaning frequent walking carpet, fitted with beating case, regular interim cleaning with dry foam cleaning method to remove sticky dust, keep the carpets look brand new.
&Nbsp;   four: deep cleaning, dust, once deposited deep in the carpet fibers, carpet extraction must be used for deep cleaning, carpet restoration original bright and clean.
&Nbsp;   the method above is the daily effective methods to protect and extend the life of carpet. These methods of pure wool, chemical fiber carpets with good results.

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