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&Nbsp;   masterbatch about Almighty cleanse Almighty cleanse emulsifier emulsifying agent masterbatch + transparent thickening powder + water + preservative + essence + color = Almighty cleanse Almighty cleanse emulsifier emulsifying agent masterbatch, hengfeng Hongye detergent factory in Chengdu recently developed universal universal cleaning emulsion Agent masterbatch, has the following features:
&Nbsp;  , special effects 1, particularly extensive cleaning capability, able to wash any items.
&Nbsp;   2, excellent oil, edible oils and other organic oil scavenging is very strong. Cleared to mineral oils, lubricants and other oil-free has some effect, but the effect is not strong solvents.
&Nbsp;   3, exceptional milk, cannot be dissolved substances are very good emulsifying effect.
&Nbsp;   4, particularly good cleaning capacity, with many of the old grease, dirt, scale removal capacity.
&Nbsp;   5, particularly good rust, rust on all stainless steel body with quick results.
&Nbsp;   6, particularly good detergency, there are all kinds of stains very good cleaning results.
&Nbsp;   7, especially good color and bleaching effect, let white coat color in white.
&Nbsp;   8, a particularly strong automatic ability to dissolve dirt, can penetrate the body cracks, bends, hidden parts of automatic will automatically dissolve dirt removal.
&Nbsp;   9, particularly good foaming capacity, foam lasting stability.
&Nbsp;   10, special acid-resistant and alkali-resistant, resistant to hard water. Neutral detergent does not hurt the hand.
&Nbsp;   second, the very widely used performance-part 1, widely used for cleaning glass, ceramic tiles, stove, range hood, bathroom, toilet, walls, mahjong and other hard surfaces.
&Nbsp;   2, is widely used in the cleaning of all types of clothing, hotel cloth, all kinds of work clothes, fabrics and other fabric.
&Nbsp;   3, widely used for cleaning dishes, tables, cleaning and disinfection of utensils, cups, bottles, tableware, tableware sterilizing Center is the preferred cleaner.
&Nbsp;   4, widely used for cleaning vehicle interiors, instruments and cleaning.
&Nbsp;   5, is widely used to clean all rust.
&Nbsp;   6, widely used in oil pipeline dredges.
&Nbsp;   7, widely used in the production of various emulsifiers, emulsifier of the main raw material is classified.
&Nbsp;   8, widely used in detergent, hand SOAP, washing powder, car shampoo, laundry detergent and other cleaning agents add additives.
&Nbsp;   9, widely used in dishwashers, washing machines and other mechanical washing lotion.
&Nbsp;   10, is widely used in oil, is the main raw material production of degreasing agent.
&Nbsp;   III, Almighty cleanse emulsifier ratio of utility (reference) 1, production of 0.3 Yuan per Jin formula: dosage per Jin: universal cleaning emulsion Agent masterbatch thickening powder 4 kg + transparent preservative 96 kg 350 g + water + 1 g 10 g 5 g + + essence pigment.
&Nbsp;   3, production of 0.4 Yuan per Jin formula: amount per Jin: universal cleaning emulsion Agent masterbatch 6 kg + transparent thickening powder 10 g 375 g water + 94 kg + preservative + flavor 5 g + 1 g of pigment.
&Nbsp;   4, formula produce 0.5 Yuan a catty: dosage per Jin: Almighty cleanse 8 kg of emulsifier masterbatch thickening flour 400 g + water + transparent 92 kg 10 g + preservative + flavor 5 g + 1 g of pigment.
&Nbsp;   5, production of 0.6 Yuan per Jin formula: amount per Jin: universal cleaning emulsion Agent masterbatch 10 kg + full transparent water thickening powder 400 g + 90 kg 10 g + preservative + flavor 5 g + 1 g of pigment.
&Nbsp;   6 other price formula percentage you calculated formula ratio principle: transparency before thickening powder cost, colors, preservatives, flavors, Almighty cleanse with a final amount of emulsifier masterbatch.
&Nbsp;   7, preservatives, dosage: according to your required shelf life, preservative content, cleanliness of water, production and packaging of cleaning degree, four season climate changes and other factors to determine, there is no uniform indicators, need to be summarized in their work. The above formula is the amount of short-term quality reference.
&Nbsp;   four, production process:
&Nbsp;   production process: first the flavors, colors, preservatives, Almighty cleanse emulsifier parent material into the water, with a drill mixer, confirmed to dissolve completely. Thickening powder and transparent solution, use drill mixers stirring for 10 minutes straight, interval after mixing three times on the line, after 8 hours of homogeneous mix becomes. Static foam rear barrels. Test please go to the supermarket to buy a whisk to stir, stir thin wire jigs and tools can also be used.

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