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About wig care tips.

&Nbsp;   on wig care tips.
&Nbsp;   many girls often with wigs, wig care knowledge and how many people know this?
&Nbsp;   Jie Li Ya-cleaning companies to share with you the following hair care tips!
&Nbsp;   wig cleaning method:
&Nbsp;   a. NET soak in some shampoo in cold water a few minutes, then gently. (Note, try not to mess up.
&Nbsp;   b. rinse with water, then add conditioner soak for 5 minutes, then rinse.
&Nbsp;   c. gently dry with a towel.
&Nbsp;   d ... air dry, avoid direct sunlight.
&Nbsp;   wig care method:
&Nbsp;   1-try not to get close to high temperatures because of the material's wig is not resistant to high temperatures.
&Nbsp;   2-wigs may not be stained if necessary pruning can professional stylists cutting hair.
&Nbsp;   3 1-2 months-wigs are generally around 1 wash according to MM's frequency.
&Nbsp;   4-cold water or warm water washing, wash it with shampoo is OK with ordinary Hair Conditioner.
&Nbsp;   5 – try not to wash a wig with hair dryer or hot wind dry, gently blot excess water and put on a wig to wig ventilated place out of direct sunlight to avoid damage.
&Nbsp;   6-don't comb a wig a wig after washing dry after carding.
&Nbsp;   special 7-use a wig comb (wigs shop sale price range) not with a plastic comb.
&Nbsp;   8-curly hair without using a comb, where volumes once each tidy by hand can.
&Nbsp;   9-if bad wig with long knotted hair, never pull, dedicated non-oily solution should be sprayed with a wig, and then carefully slowly away.
&Nbsp;   10-the philosophy of attention not on wig spray water use Hairspray, hair wax and hair like this will allow wig to become sticky.
&Nbsp;   11-use wig special non-oily solution method is also very simple: bring lightly spray a few times before on the wig) makes the wigs soft light and prevents static electricity, keep hair moist State like when you just bought! Guangzhou outer wall clean 12-wigs can be tied up, but not tied too high or below their real hair will come out!
&Nbsp;  -13-long wig wig long paragraphs when you comb, brush from the bottom up, be sure to light, just be patient.
&Nbsp;  -14-in the process of sorting out wearing a small amount of hair loss is normal.
&Nbsp;  -15-usually do not wear it in the original packaging, want to take back the House when left.

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