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Carpet cleaning precautions

&Nbsp;   carpet cleaning attention, awareness preferred carpet-carpet cleaning clean grace notes preferred Li Jie ya, known carpet-carpet cleaning carpet is a kind of high-end decorative bedding material now widely laid in the commercial, Office, exhibition, according to the statistics in the modern hotel building, laying the carpet covers a total area of more than 60%. Now with people living of improve, increasingly more of family are for has decoration, in many of ground decoration material in the, carpet to its elegant, feet sense comfortable, across tide anti-wet, many of advantages, in people of decoration in the get increasingly more of using, but in people of using in the, and on carpet of some shortcomings was is headache, as carpet easy dirty and easily clean, easily collection, easy faded, not anti-pressure easy left marks and so on, we here provides has some cleaning of method:
    1. Carpet purchase when buying carpet size should be consistent with laying on the ground. Color and properties commensurate with the occasion.
&Nbsp;   channel should choose carpet stain resistance abrasion resistance, living room choose the soft texture, look gorgeous senior carpet or wool rugs. In General, the carpet quality is affected by the type of textile fibers, carpet pile density and pile height and quantity of great impact. The best properties of silk and wool. High pile carpet is soft, but it is not easy to clean. Besides the high quality of carpets carpet surface is flat, blankets and thick evenly, gently press immediately after restoration, carpet back no wear, if backing and firmly bonded carpet back, no excuses. Buy carpet should also pay attention to whether the price is reasonable, wool by hand knot rugs are expensive, chemical fiber needle carpet and low prices.
    2. Carpet structure for the first layer: screen, often using fabrics made of natural and artificial fibres into, loose surface, soft to the touch. Best carpet cleaning company in Chongqing--second layer of carpet cleaning Note: supporting layer, usually woven fibers, plays a supporting role, improving stability of carpets, and durability of surface yarn and wrapped woven than layer materials.
&Nbsp;   third level: the Deputy support layer, generally woven from hemp or fiber, used cling to support firm combines the whole carpet organization.
&Nbsp;   bedding: General plastics porous structures, its role is to use the carpet and ground isolation, breathability and elasticity.
    3. Carpet problems using (1) new carpets to use there will be slight v in the early, is a normal phenomenon.
&Nbsp;   (2) beware of sharp scratches and cigarette burns on carpet surface.
&Nbsp;   (3), carpet factory-done mostly moth treatment without placing repellents for carpets and human harm.
&Nbsp;   (4) spilled on the carpet stains should be cleaned in time, time will be difficult to remove.
&Nbsp;   (5) on the carpet after a period of time, a large number of bacteria and a bio called ticks and mites to thrive in it, direct harm to human health, should be regularly 2-3 months for thorough cleansing and disinfection.
&Nbsp;   (6) in order not to bring dust into the carpet, should be installed at the entrance to clean carpet pad.
&Nbsp;   in addition, the carpet after contact with chemicals, chemical stains or may appear faded, so to avoid carpet contamination commonly used chemicals, such as strong detergents and skin care products, in addition, the carpet too long exposure to direct sunlight, otherwise there will be a faded. --Carpet cleaning best carpet cleaning company in Chongqing notice carpet need vacuuming, dust inside accumulate in carpet, can cause fiber abrasion, are grey and the carpet, stairs, lobby, corridor and a frequent place, vacuuming two to three times a week, the bedroom should also vacuum at least once a week.
    4. After a good carpet maintenance carpet, must be cleaned often to maintain appearance and reduce wear. There are two major categories of dirt out of the carpet, one for dust and other particulate matter and dirt and grease and other chemical substances. Former regular vacuuming or cleaning solution can be adopted, the latter with a chemical solvent, need professional guidance, such as improper, against the proliferation of stains, must exercise extreme caution.
&Nbsp;   (1) carpet stains. Level distribution of carpet stains, dirty carpet of multilayer structure, making it easier to hide stains, dirt.
&Nbsp;   stain not only on the carpet surface, and deep into the fibrous tangles were Tuo.
&Nbsp;   dust, sand into second, three supporting layer, a hidden dirt, continuous damage carpet fibers.
&Nbsp;   carpets are constantly clean, stains, and dirt buried more deeply.

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