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Encyclopedia of cleaning method for all kinds of household appliances!

&Nbsp;   encyclopedia of cleaning method for all kinds of household appliances!
&Nbsp;   electrical appliances using long, falls there is dust on the surface, a lot of people will do it yourself cleaning appliances. However, if you use the wrong methods, tools, and can damage the appliance. Here are some home appliances the right cleaning method. Following JI Li Ya-cleaning company, electric teach your family the right to use!
&Nbsp;   1, refrigerators refrigerator cleaning at least once a month, when cleaning SOAP available water or clarified liquid 3% bleach to wipe the inside wall of the freezer; inner wall of hot water can also be used to clean the refrigerator and accessories, spray a nontoxic disinfectant or alcohol on the human body, and then closed again after half an hour to open the ventilation, drying can be used. Attention, disinfection, don't spill the fridge door seals, there are as many as more than 10 kinds of microbes, they are very easily transmitted on the food. Flat-back type condenser, compressor of a refrigerator are included, does not need to be cleaned often. But hanging back refrigerator condensers, compressors are exposed and easily stained with dust, spider webs, and so on, is a refrigerator compressor and condenser major refrigeration components, if the stained with dust can affect cooling, leading to shortened service life of parts, refrigeration effect is weakened. Dust on the surface of the condenser and compressor blowing pumps and other tools available, do not use water or wet rag to scrub so as not to affect the electrical insulation. Refrigerator should be cleaned twice a year or more. Cut off the power supply before you clean the refrigerator, use a soft cloth dipped in water or tableware detergent, and gently scrub, wipe away your detergent and then dipped in water. The refrigerator can use boric acid or disinfectant wipes to clean, use boric acid to clean the refrigerator makes it easier to frost. If you use vinegar instead of boric acid, you will prevent rusting, shelving to remove clean water. Within the walls wiped with glycerol, forming a thin layer of protective film, coated with milk or food particles that can easily be wiped away. When attachments are dirty dirt inside the box should be removed with water or detergent to wash. Use a dry cloth to wipe the surface of the electrical parts.
&Nbsp;   refrigerator not open power on once in a while for a long time.
&Nbsp;   refrigerator always clean the healthiest summer, lots of people like to eat the fruits and vegetables and leftovers, all the leftovers into the fridge, put that many days. In fact, refrigerators are not "safe" food there are also susceptible to bacterial infection. A on the inner wall of household refrigerator-freezer bacterial and fungal contamination surveys, freezer total bacteria pass rate is only 14.29% the upper, the lower rate is 0. Fridge so many bacteria, mainly because its preservation has a time limit of when we frequent switching leads to refrigerator temperature, bacteria in foods will continue to grow. In addition, there are some "psychrotrophic bacteria", can grow in the 0-20 ℃ environment. That is, they can continue to grow and reproduce in the refrigerator freezer, contaminate food. Most common of psychrotrophic bacteria Yersinia and Listeria. Meat, milk and dairy products, soy products, salads and fish are more vulnerable to contamination of food. Swallowed food contaminated by bacteria, the light cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever, and in serious cases can lead to sepsis. In addition, some fungi and mold can also cause the refrigerator food contamination and spoilage. So, we in using refrigerator Shi must to note: fresh of fruit and vegetables, except cucumber, and grape, more juice of yiwai, in into refrigerator Qian best package Shang preservation film; eat left of meals store Shi should note health cooked separate, avoid cross pollution, and refrigerator wall Zhijian to left has gap, easy air circulation; frozen fish of store time should not be over 2 months, meat don't over half; freezer to regularly cleaning, and disinfection, especially summer, best weekly cleaning once, cleaning Qian to cut power, with tableware cleaning agent flush, Wipe clean after washing or drying, dredging and clearing down the dirt. Or smoke flavor with tea leaves in a box within the smoke flavor. Regularly remove dust on the surface of the condenser and compressor, you can use a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner, do not spray rinse with water. Refrigerators do not shutdown or long-term placement to avoid bacteria. Wall cleaning home refrigerator in Guangzhou in the summer night, if not clean, dirt inside the refrigerator, refrigerator door rubber seal will be the cause of foodborne diseases of potential risk factors. Experts recommend cleaning the refrigerator should at least once a month. Scrubbing with detergent when cleaning the refrigerator the refrigerator walls. Refrigerator door rubber seal on easy accumulated dirt and bacteria, should also be cleaned on a regular basis.
&Nbsp;   cleaning method: light available dry cloth and gently scrub, which can use a generic detergent after dilution with a cloth dampened with clean. Condenser to the accumulation of dust on the back of the refrigerator, affecting heat at least once in every six months to use a duster or vacuum. Set the pan to take out the cleaning once a month. Defrost the water difficult to evaporate, if dirty will produce odors. Need to be reminded of is that of cleaning the refrigerator do not use acids, alkaline organic solution, scrub, such as oxalic acid, formic acid, acetic acid and gasoline; do not use hot water to scrub the refrigerator; do not rinse the refrigerator of the shell and liner; do not use sharp scraping dirt.
&Nbsp;   2, air conditioning air conditioning cream hot water: the traditional air conditioning clean simply wash the filter screen, wipe the surface of the evaporator, the gap in air conditioning evaporator and air supply system cannot be thoroughly cleaned, and evaporator inside is dust clogging the most serious and most likely breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses. Select a dry sunny days, air conditioners function keys in the "air condition", the operation 3-4 hour, moisture distribution within the air conditioning and turning off the air conditioner and unplug the power plug. With a soft, dry cloth to clean the air conditioner casing dirt, scrub with warm water, never use hot water or flammable chemicals such as oil scrub. Cleaning air filter remove the air conditioner, rinse with water or vacuum cleaner filters, dry after remount the air conditioner. Remove the remote control battery to reset a to avoid battery leakage liquid corrosion of internal components. Remote control must be in a dry place, DO NOT CRUSH. Clean outdoor machines rinse available outdoor condenser surface after drying hood cover, not other parts into the water.
&Nbsp;   cleaning parts: indoor unit filter   Guangzhou the stone material renovates air-conditioner filter net savings of dust very much, is not only bad for the human body, also hinder the air circulation and reduce the cooling effect. Rinse filter with large flows of clean, dry, and then put it back together. Cover without oil, water after washing, use a clean, soft brush clean. Process, in order to ensure clean air, clean once every 15 days. Maintenance Tip: clean the filter to avoid accumulation of dust affect the next time you use; unplug, remove the battery to prevent accidental damage; before using the air conditioner cover, dry the body to avoid condensation water left in the machine for a long time the breeding of bacteria. If moving the machine must be carried out by professionals to prevent refrigerant leakage or prevent damage from power cord connected to the wrong air conditioner.
&Nbsp;   Tip: buy air conditioning manufacturers on warranty card telephone service, users can only clean the surface of the indoor unit and the filter screen, internal cleaning should be done by the after-sales personnel.
&Nbsp;   summer has arrived, a bath in the air conditioning.
&Nbsp;   air conditioning saying deep cleaning can prevent bacteria bacteria is pervasive, and air conditioning in your home after a long idle after the cleaning of the filter? As the weather is getting hot, leave the air conditioning approached, the experts reminded the public, open air conditioning, you should do a deep cleaning work to avoid bacteria, virus propagation. According to reports, the traditional air conditioning clean simply wash the filter screen, wipe the surface of the evaporator, the gap in air conditioning evaporator and air supply system cannot be thoroughly cleaned, and the evaporator inside is dust clogging the most serious and most likely breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses. This, China's household electrical appliance maintenance Association, recently introduced the deep cleaning of household air conditioner specification, this specification requires cleaning of air conditioning appliances. It is understood that the deep cleaning of air conditioning services associated with this certification is expected to be launched within this year. Deep cleaning air conditioning requires specialized equipment, generally need to be sent to a professional repair service. However, we may choose to do your own "deep cleaning" method for selecting dry sunny days, air conditioning function keys in the air operation in the State of 3-4 hour, moisture distribution within the air conditioning. Then turn off the air conditioning, unplug the power plug, wipe clean with a soft, dry cloth to air conditioning shell dirt, scrub with warm water, but do not use hot water or flammable chemicals such as oil scrub. Meanwhile, remove the air filter, rinse with water or vacuum cleaner filters, air dry to be reloaded. Clean outdoor machines rinse available outdoor condenser surface after drying hood cover, not other parts into the water. If flushing with water, using appropriate proportion of Peracetic acid soaking, then wash with better results.
&Nbsp;   3, washing machine new washing machines to use after six months, and every 3 months after application of special detergent for washing machine again. Pay particular attention to every time after washing the clothes, don't immediately turn off the washing machine door, should open the door until the dry so far.
&Nbsp;   washing machine to except scale: washing machine within looks very clean, but you not know laundry Shi laundry tube of outside also sets has a coat tube, laundry water on in this two layer middle into Access out, water in this sandwich within discharge, if put laundry tube pulled out a see, certainly scare you a jumped, because sandwich inside dirt is serious! washing machine sandwich actual on like sewer, it of dirt main by scale, and laundry agent free real, and fiber, and organic quality, and dust, and bacteria, garbage composition, These hodgepodge firmly attached to the washing machine laminated, multiply at room temperature, fermentation, Wash contaminated clothing to the body, and even make people itchy skin allergies. Three kettles of water when cleaning with detergent (sold in the market) fell on an empty container, detergent/=l/2 the proportion of water and stir well. Well mixed pour the detergent from the detergent solution to add box, be careful not to splash on your skin. Then press the power switch on the washing machine, a program set up to "program" (the longest time), drum rotation after descaling fluid from the drain into a bucket, then add the descaling liquid discharged from the detergent box adding, so repeatedly until the program has finished running, open the filter clean the filter. After the machine has finished running, the inlet valve open, restore drainage to in situ. Choose your program again, making washing machines moving again until the program has finished running, clean the filter again. At this point, scale removal cleared. However, due to the effect of descaling liquid washing machine drum, slightly dark black surface, but does not affect the normal use after washing several times, I can restore the status quo ante. Carpet cleaning washing machine should be cleaned on a regular basis in Guangzhou has entered the summer right now, how can we effectively prevent breeding grounds for mold? Residential environment also has its bad side, especially apartment usually has only one outlet, bath and a washing machine, and rarely opened window, is not conducive to dry and ventilated. Therefore, washed the clothes washing machine to cover give it an airing, and when not, to pluck filter bag, hanging out, let it dry fully. Addition, with 0.02% of containing oxygen bleach water solution spray, also can put bacteria killing, mold on temperature is sensitive, in 35 ℃ of water in the survival rate has is low, in 45 ℃ of water in the almost for zero, two or three months once, with bath water against Shang containing oxygen bleach will washing machine barrels soaking a night or with 45 ℃ of hot cleaning are can effective killing mold.
&Nbsp;   4, washing parts of the TV: screen surface cleaning must be conducted in a shutdown state. Can't use things like feather dusters, silk cleaning, because such articles after friction with a glass product, will take charge of, such items will be dust, silk hair attached to the screen. Can't use so-called electric smooth or other things like detergents to clean the screen. Try to gently with a soft clean cloth to scrub or with a moisture cloth, do not use wet cloth with water. TV screen easily ash, free special cleaner clean spirit and a clean, soft cloth to scrub or use cotton balls dipped in head cleaning fluid to clean, dry in the end.
&Nbsp;   cleaning site: TV cover when cleaning TV cover, the power supply Plug and unplug and power off, wipe with a soft cloth. Wipe dust with a damp rag, not with damp cloth cleaning with water. Dust inside of the TV, users do-it-yourself, in order to protect its internal structure and allows manufacturers of professional home cleaning. After cleaning, let stand for 30 minutes, then power on to remove moisture.
&Nbsp;   tips: LCD, plasma, DLP projection television screen, only to manufacturers of professional home cleaning, users do-it-yourself cleaning to avoid scratching or damaging the screen.
&Nbsp;   's internal use of the TV after a period of time, covered with thick layer of dust, dirt accelerates the ageing of machines, increased radiation, snow occurs, which may cause a short circuit and burn components, can even cause tube explosion. Experts reminded the TV's internal cleaning once a year.
&Nbsp;   washing: washing inside a TV set, half an hour off the power first, and then open the back cover of the TV, and dust blowing with a hair dryer, and then using absolute alcohol cotton balls to clean circuit boards, with a dry cloth to wipe the internal lines, then blow dry. Clean the casing of the TV down, the power supply Plug and unplug and power off, wipe with a soft cloth. If the shell oil is heavy, 40 ℃ hot water and 3-5 ml of wiping the detergent mix. TV screen easily ash, free special cleaner clean spirit and a clean, soft cloth to scrub or use cotton balls dipped in head cleaning fluid to clean, dry in the end. Need to be reminded that is, never use petrol, solvents or any chemicals to clean the TV cabinet.
&Nbsp;   flat panel TV avoid water while cleaning the flat-screen TV, a principle is do not do it privately disassemble flat-panel TVs. Because even in the off State, the CFL background lighting component converter is still possible with the high voltage of 1000V, this pressure can result in serious personal injury. LCD and plasma screens are quite fragile, so to avoid strong shocks and vibrations, do not exert pressure on the surface of the screen. Clean the LCD TV, dip soft cloth to gently wipe the stain with a little water. Do not spray water directly onto the display surface. Water entering the LCD will cause a short circuit. If moisture has entered the LCD should put it to a warm place, so that the water and organic compounds evaporate. Scrub with water would harm television plasma screen. Best to use a special cleaning fluid or gently wipe with a dry soft towel. After cleaning, let stand for 30 minutes, then power on to remove moisture.
&Nbsp;   5, many people think that drinking water dispenser with pure water or sanitized water, should not harm the health of the body. But experts warn you: a bucket of water is 18. 9 litres, if 15 days finish, with a daily average of less than 1. 5 litres, calculated in accordance with a 3 person, average only drink half a litre of water per person per day. This water, although there are not many, but most families are without exhausting it. Opened bottled water placed more than 15 days you can no longer drink, because after a period of accumulation of breeding bacteria will reach a staggering number of serious harm to human health, causing secondary pollution, so as to cause a variety of diseases. In addition, a fountain in the long run also easy to breed bacteria, if it is not cleaned, it is easy to cause gastrointestinal problems. Experts suggest that home water dispenser with 3 months should be disinfected. In the process of using water dispenser should be frequently cleaned. When cleaning, use water dispenser manufacturer equipped with professional cleaning tablets, tablets inside the dispenser filled with water, shake dispenser, 10 minutes put the water out, then put about 2 kg of water, cleaned again, and finally the water completely out of water.

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