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Knowledge of maintenance and cleaning

&Nbsp;   countertops in use for a long time, there will be some problems, so we must be nice. Guangzhou Jie Li Ya-cleaning company today to teach you how to maintain the kitchen countertops.
&Nbsp;   maintenance: no matter what kind of material is afraid of high temperature erosion, use note:
    1. Avoid hot pots, hot water Kettle's contact in the Cabinet, it would be placed on the pot.
    2. Operations should try to avoid using sharp objects hit the table, door, to avoid scratches. regardless of the table should be chosen on the Board cutting processed foods, in addition to avoid leaving marks outside can do better hygiene.
    3. General materials table, there are air bubbles and cracks, if colored liquid penetration will result in contamination or discoloration, so avoid fuel or stain placed directly on the table.
    4. Chemical erosion, for many materials is not allowed. for example, stainless steel countertops touch of salt may be rusty, it usually also should pay attention to avoid soy sauce bottles and other objects placed directly on the table.
    5. Man-made sheet Cabinet should avoid water retention on the table for a long time.
&Nbsp;   cleaning: Cabinet surface artificial stone, laminate, stainless steel, natural stone, wood and other materials, different materials have different cleaning methods.
    1. Artificial stone and stainless steel cabinets do not use hard scouring pad, steel balls, steel brushes withstand chemical cleaning or, with a soft towel, soft clean cloth with water or use brightener, otherwise it will cause scratches or corrosion.
    2. Fireproof Board material Cabinet you can use household cleaners, wipe clean with a nylon brush or nylon ball, then wipe clean with a humid towel, and wipe clean with a dry cloth.
    3. Natural stone countertops should be treated with a soft cleaning cloth, not class cleaning with toluene, otherwise difficult to remove flower white spot. When cleaning the scale, cleansing powder for lavatory, cannot use a strong acid, hydrochloric acid, otherwise it will damage the glaze, making it lose its lustre.
    4. If cabinets stone wood material should be clean with marble dust, or stained wood maintenance special emulsion with a dry cloth to wipe, do not use a damp cloth and oil cleaners.
    5. Wash basins or tops should be avoided by striking or impact such as gas furnaces, two tops, long soaking water should be avoided.

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