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Necessity of the exterminator?

&Nbsp;   four pests cockroaches most serious hazards to human health, it has become the root causes and spread many diseases, most cockroaches carry bacteria, which carry the plague bacteria, Shigella, Escherichia coli, spinal cord gray matter fire virus and more than 40 kinds of pathogens such as aflatoxin and its secretions and feces also contain a variety of carcinogens. Also secrete a special odor of grease, food and utensils and everyday appliances, crawl on the left during the peculiar smell and many kinds of pathogens. Therefore, the exterminator is very necessary.
&Nbsp;   Roach, after contact with the body of a child can cause Dermatitis, asthma, tuberculosis, hepatitis and more than 10 kinds of common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases.
&Nbsp;   feeding around, crawling through it transmitted diseases. It is omnivorous: garbage, feces, food will eat anything; against a wide range: garbage, toilets, kitchen, dining room, cabinets, containers, food which is climbing. Roaches all bacteria, habit of cockroaches are eating, edge, crawling, and excretion, go all the way together, spread bacteria everywhere, it is extremely disgusted and who is the main culprit of spreading diseases!
&Nbsp;   detected by the Guangzhou Center for disease control, the top "new four pests" cockroaches carry bacteria first surpassed the number of more than 40 species, including plague bacteria, Shigella, Escherichia coli, poliovirus and aflatoxin can seriously carcinogenic diseases. In addition to hepatitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, intestinal disorders, gastritis and other symptoms of food poisoning caused by bacteria, and outside. Cockroaches can carry roundworm, duodenal hook worms, beef tapeworms, round worms, trichuris trichiura and other helminth eggs. They can also be used as moniliformis, short of hymenolepis intermediate hosts, gongylonema neoplasticum and other nematodes. Germany Germanica is the main predisposing factors of asthma and allergies in humans, roaches are the culprit of many infectious diseases. Very strong ability to spread disease! Sum up cockroach damage human health. Is mainly transmitted through contaminated food and utensils to pathogens. A cockroach antennae, foot and digestive tract can be separated out of the tens of thousands of bacteria. Many bacteria can save for a few days in the cockroach's digestive tract to dozens of days. Human exposure to cockroach secretions, feces, vomit and the surface of the pathogen, produces an allergic reaction, allergic dermatitis or allergic rhinitis. At present plagued by urban residents are plagued by cockroaches. This nocturnal animal, good flight, good drills, crawling and fast, fecundity of amazing, each generation is more than 10 days, even if you only found two roaches in the House, then in a very short period of time, will produce countless future generations. Feeding very complex, anything organic, including the foods people can eat and can't eat dirt, it is something to it. If the cockroach population does not receive timely and effective control will result in very serious consequences

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