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&Nbsp;   various skin material package package of clean, nursing home knowledge, package package maintenance encyclopedia a, and package guest long leather knowledge leather leather is cattle, and sheep, and pig, and horse, and deer or some other animal body stripping Xia of original skin, by leather factory tanning processing Hou, made various characteristics, and strength, and feel, and color, and pattern of leather material, is modern leather products of required material. Among them, cowhide, Sheepskin and pigskin leather raw materials used by the big three skin types. Second layer of DermIS is divided into the first layer of leather and leather types.
&Nbsp;   1. top layer leather suede skins with grain, cattle, sheep, pig, and leather natural scars and blood cord and, occasionally, in the process of stab wounds as well as very low utilization rate of the belly spot, top layer leather imported cattle there number imprinted. Full grain leather from pore size and density to distinguish what kind of animal leathers. Many kinds of leather, leather, dairy cattle, beef cattle skin, grazing cows, Bull skin, uncastrated male castrated bull hide and leather. In China also have yellow leather, Buffalo, yaks and cattle skin, and so on. Among them, the pores of the Buffalo is coarse and sparse; fine cow hide than Buffalo skin pores and thick. Finer pores in sheep's clothing is more dense and a little slope, there are two large categories of sheep and goat. The first layer of skin is directly processed by by the skin of various animals, or thick cortex of cows, pigs, horses and other animal skin after depilation, cut two layers, and fiber-knit upper part is processed into a variety of top layer leather.
&Nbsp;   2. second skin layer is fibrous tissue than the loose, two-story section, chemical spray or covered with PVC, PU film and processed.
&Nbsp;   therefore distinguish between the first layer of skin and effective method of second skin, be observed straight fiber density. Top layer leather made of thick and thin fiber layers and closely connected slightly loose excessive layers of make up, has good strength, elasticity, plasticity and technology and so on. Second skin is only a loose layer of fibrous tissue, only after spraying chemical or polishing can be used to make leather products, it maintains a certain degree of natural elasticity and plasticity of technology features, its thickness with the first layer of the skin.
&Nbsp;   leather leather, also known as imitation leather or rubber compound, is a general term for manmade materials such as PVC and PU. It is in textile Burkina Faso or no spinning cloth base Shang, by various different formula of PVC and PU, sent bubble or covered film processing making and into, can according to different strength, and wear degrees, and Hardy degrees and color, and gloss, and pattern pattern, requirements processing made, has color varieties range, and waterproof performance good, and looks neatly, and utilization high and price relative leather cheap of features, but most of leather, its feel and elastic cannot reached leather of effect; it of cuts, can see subtle of bubble hole, and Cloth or thin film on the surface of man-made fibers and dry dry. It's early until now is very popular material, and are commonly used for the production of leather products, or parts of the leather material. It increasingly advanced production technology, is widely used by layer processing. Today, leather leather-like characteristics to produce to market, and its surface is the base material of fibrous tissue, almost leather effect, its about the same price and domestic price of top layer leather.
&Nbsp;   II, handbags maintenance knowledge:
&Nbsp;   to keep the bag in good condition for a long time, the most important thing is to not ignore routine maintenance, in General bag after two or three days rest for a day and go home to after maintenance in a timely manner, the stuff in the bag and pulls out, remove the dust, wipe gently to ensure bag shape, the best will be stuffed with paper bag.
&Nbsp;   leather's own natural oils with longer or use too many times and they are gradually reduced, so even very advanced leather requires regular maintenance. Before every time we recommend that you store leather, should do cleanup for it to dust. General leather products on the best leather maintenance oil, was anointed on a clean cotton cloth, then wipe the surface evenly, avoid oil paint directly on the leather, to avoid any damage to the leather. Leather products, maintenance of the road is "treasure", usually noticed when using handbags will not be scratched, not the rain, not stains contamination, maintenance handbags are the most basic common sense. Or only after problems have emerged to deal with, the effect will be poor.

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