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Pool cleaning management practices

&Nbsp;   a secondary water supply management, purpose specification, ensure that the water quality of secondary water supply in accordance with hygienic standard.
&Nbsp;   II, scope applies to the secondary pool of the pool of the hotel area of the secondary water supply management.
&Nbsp;   three, and responsibilities 3. 1        engineering, Chief Engineer responsible for regular review of secondary water supply management implementation.
    3. 2        secondary administrator is in charge of water quality of secondary water supply management.
&Nbsp;   four, work procedures 4. 12 water management requirements 4. 1. 1 Project Manager check every pool in the hotel before the 5th day of each month, and will check the record in his daily diary.
    4. 1. 22 by a full-time administrator in charge of water quality of water supply management, water quality administrator should hold health certificate recognized by the epidemic prevention station.
    4. 1. 3 each pool should be well-formed, no leakage, check Windows should be sealed by the lock, and covers should be clean, clean around the pool.
    4. 1. 4 pool cleaning and disinfection once every 6 months, clean health certificate that should be recognized by the epidemic prevention station.
    4. 2 cleaning and disinfection of pool safety precautions 4. 2. 1 when operating in the water, and power safety voltage of 36 kV is needed, use a flashlight or emergency lights.
    4. 2. 2 extraction of sewage submersible pumps should be installed GFCI, GFCI should be tested and confirmed in advance with reliable.
    4. 2. 3 pool disinfection and staff need to wear protective glasses and masks, if you feel dizzy, short of breath in the pool, you should get out of the pool to the outside in the fresh air.
    4. 2. 4 pool should steady the ladder tight arms, stepped on, to prevent falls.
    4. 3 pool cleaning and disinfection preparations 4. 3. 1, dispensed by the health and epidemic prevention station, 1:100 sterile water solution or disinfectant.
    4. 3. 2 submersible pumps, emergency lights, or flashlights.
    4. 3. 3 broom, nylon brush, nylon, plastic buckets, glasses, face masks and rubber gloves.
    4. 4 pool cleaning and disinfection procedures 4. 4. 1 row of water (a) drainage water should be closed in advance when the pool water valve, the water levels close to the pool water, so as not to waste; (b) to ensure that users of water consumption, emissions should be controlled at 1. Within 5 hours.
    4. 4. 2 cleaning and disinfection (a) cleaning-shoveled silt and sediment in the pool;--with a broom or nylon brush from a pool of the top, bottom, in turn, repeatedly brushing around the walls; clean--if there is still no additional cleaning until clean up.
&Nbsp;   (b) disinfection – with a broom or nylon brush dipped in 1:100 sterile water solution (or epidemic-preparation of disinfectant solution), then repeatedly disinfected pool cover storage after half an hour;--rinse tank again, and out of the disinfectant solution.
Repeat rinse again and    --from the disinfectant solution.
&Nbsp;   (c) water: when cleaning and disinfecting is done cleaning up all the tools. Open the gate to the pool water, locked sheet-after the set level is reached.
    4. 5 sampling 4. 5. 1 use clean mineral water is extracted from the central pool of 500ml water bottle and label Central on the label should indicate the units and sample date of submission.
    4. 5. 2 by the Engineering Department of the day total arrange for staff to take water samples to the municipal epidemic prevention station for testing. If failed, it should be cleaned and disinfected again until qualified.
    4. 6 pool cleaning and disinfection work all over, should be complete, standard, clearly recorded in < pool cleaning and disinfection record > and all in the hotel pool cleaning disinfection of water within 3 days after the administrator make engineering archive recorded in book form, shelf life is two years.
&Nbsp;   five, record cleaning and disinfection of pool records

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