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Stuffed toys how dirty should be cleaned?

&Nbsp;   doll cleaning methods? stuffed toys how dirty should be cleaned?
&Nbsp;   fluff Toy usually is by synthetic and the chemical material by made of, in purchase fluff toy of when, its body will has indicate cleaning way of tone, if no is can asked clerk how maintenance and the cleaning, Furthermore, can according to its material to judge, as: fluff body wear of clothes, and satin with, and hat, and backpack, and and the other accessories and so on, are can will it demolition cleaning, actually General fluff are can washing, unless is some precious and compared senior of fluff toy, Because of the material must be delivered dry cleaning.
&Nbsp;   cleaning methods generally fall into several categories:
&Nbsp;   [hand] ready to basin filled with water, pour the cleaning agent mix until completely dissolved, place the stuffed toys in hand squeeze let the cleaning agent mix, then rinse waste water drained and then the flames with water and packages stuffed with a clean dry cloth for a few minutes, moisture absorbing part then air-dried, or bring it to sunbathing is also a good way.
&Nbsp;   [washing] can cleaning of hair velvet toy, will detergent joined water basin, and by must proportion rushed into some water, with General of soft hair brush Guangzhou outside wall cleaning stirred basin in the of water, stirred out rich of bubble, then with soft hair brush dip with bubble will hair velvet toy surface brush clean, must to note brush Shang don't dip too more of water. Brushing after plush toys plush toys with a bath towel wrap, put in a basin filled with water pressure washing, this plush toy clean dirt and cleaning solution. And then stuffed into adding softener water basin proper soaking in a matter of minutes, and pressure washing in a water-filled basin several times until the water in the basin by cloudy became clear. Plush toys clean towel wrapped into the washing machine dehydration, dehydrated shaped plush toys and carded in a ventilated place to dry, so your plush toy will be as good as new.
&Nbsp;   [wipe] using a soft sponge or a clean dry cloth, dip has been diluted neutral detergent to clean the surface, then wipe again with clean water.
&Nbsp;   [dry cleaning] fluffy little toy more and more, but not convenient to wash, especially some voice-activated. Can buy in the drugstore or chemical shop eating baking soda, deep rub on the scattered on plush toys until the baking soda is no longer black, plush toy will soon become clear, even if young children lick it don't worry, because using a food-grade "dry shampoo". Dirty plush toys specially crafted plush toys, clothing or toys, dirty, if improper cleaning easier wash the toys out of shape, and today teaches you can clean toys without cleaning tips, easy and fast. First put the toys in a plastic bag, sprinkle with salt. After sloshing back and forth around 30 toy, toy out, dusted the top of the salt, you can.

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