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Waterproofing construction of grass-roots projects requirements

&Nbsp;   in front of the waterproof construction waterproof construction of base layer should be all you need to do the roof, kitchen and toilet rooms, underground works dealing with the following parts:
&Nbsp;  , corner of yin and Yang, the pipeline root, floor drain, man hole, eight angle between kitchen and toilet. Eight angle between kitchen and toilet height and surface layer of the same height, roof angle eight angle height shall not be less than 80 millimetres of yin and Yang. Roofing pipe roots splayed angle not less than 120 mm in height.
&Nbsp;   II, roof screeds:
&Nbsp;   1, and roofing leveling layer should design into exhaust roofing, flat degrees should meet specification requirements, shall not up sand, and exposure skin, and water, slope should meet design requirements, exhaust roofing ventilation hole and the expansion joints shall not blocked, exhaust channel width shall not is less than 30 mm, depth should and insulation layer phase, segmentation sewing leveling layer plate maximum area shall not is greater than 36 square meters, leveling layer should has enough strength. Plastering efflorescence should be chosen small, ordinary Portland cement, the plates should be coated, it should be left in the middle of construction joints.
&Nbsp;   2, roof waterproof construction should be installed before the lightning and roofing equipment. Waterproof construction, is strictly prohibited in the roof using the welding machine, and gray, boring, and wear shoes with nails or be susceptible to puncture and walking on the roof, not debris piled up in the waterproof layer.
&Nbsp;   3, is strictly prohibited in paint pigment on the screed mortar.
&Nbsp;   4, roof tiling with master roof waterproof construction, waterproof layer of protective measures should be added, is allowed to damage the waterproof layer.
&Nbsp;   5, exhaust ducts, joint location, in front of the paver should be at the sewing Center location Pu 500 mm wide, empty kraft paper, ECHO vent distance equal to the length and gently wrapped insulation.
&Nbsp;   6, sloping roof the roof corners, gutters, parapets, Yin corner shop cloth should be short bypass technology, the width should be 250-300 mm. Lightning rods and roofing sites root winding glass fibre cloth coated with coatings, painting 2-3 times. Wall capping should be waterproof, craft for a six paint.
&Nbsp;   c, kitchen and toilet rooms:
&Nbsp;   1, the root of all the tubes, Yin and Yang Kok should be BA Zi Jiao, same height as the surface layer. Floor drain splayed angle should be less than catchy 15 mm. Tube diameter of the root BA Zi Jiao, reserved should be greater than the pipe diameter. Door frame plaster height shall not be less than 150 mm at the root. PVC pipe in front of the plaster cloth and cut off the roots of the pipe should be packaging later BA Zi Jiao. Provision blinding shock of fine stone concrete stamp compact, made mortar.
&Nbsp;   2, the installation of toilet set screws shall not wear waterproof layer.
&Nbsp;   3, the installation of the tub and the spray-type urinals, civil plasters length, width and height should be greater than the tub size is 300 mm.
&Nbsp;   4, baths, swimming pools, pool construction plaster, all yin and Yang Kok, including vertical angles should be made an arc angle.
&Nbsp;   IV. Toilet construction order:
&Nbsp;   1, toilet fix PVC pipe bracket bolts should be used, the floor should be half an eye, without penetration. Waterproof after acceptance, the bathroom ceiling construction should be as described above.
&Nbsp;   2, all up and down the bathroom water pipes should be installed in front of the waterproof construction, waterproof construction is prohibited after cutting.
&Nbsp;   3, ring gaskets with fine stone concrete pipe plugging holes roots packaging PVC pipe should be removed before requiring the ring gaskets full, shattering pound density. Made mortar.
&Nbsp;   4, concrete has a certain value to remove all exposed die and wire steel head.
&Nbsp;   5, leveling layer of cement mortar.
&Nbsp;   6, all angles of yin and Yang, BA Zi Jiao at the root of the pipe.
&Nbsp;   7, waterproof construction, closed water test.
&Nbsp;   8, surface protective layer.
&Nbsp;   v, geothermal heating problems needing attention in waterproofing:
&Nbsp;   1, waterproof layer in the bathroom should be done the grass-roots level layer and substrate adhesion, semi-rigid waterproofing is made of waterproof mortar, process for four-painting.
&Nbsp;   2, due to the geothermal use of polystyrene insulation, waterproof layer of cement mortar layer should be removed, using polystyrene instead of layer.
&Nbsp;   3, if needed on top of hot concrete protective layer to do the second waterproof layer should be used in flexible waterproof technology for The.
&Nbsp;   six, underground engineering:
&Nbsp;   waterproofing of underground works construction requires screed must have sufficient strength, without hollowing, exposed skin. Flatness shall conform to the specifications, all angles of yin and Yang, Guan Zigen and ancillary works should be BA Zi Jiao. In case of pipeline anticorrosion layer of glass cloth, glass cloth should be cut off and then wipe BA Zi Jiao.
&Nbsp;  , elevation of seven moisture-proof layer:
&Nbsp;   1, damp plaster fa├žade, which does not require secondary light pressure to increase the bond strength.
&Nbsp;   2, moisture-proof about 8-12 hours after construction should be filled in a timely manner, should pay attention to in the backfill process finished product protection, do not damage the damp proof course surface.

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