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Hospital cleaning

&Nbsp;   hospital cleaning indoor and outdoor sanitation clean is to ensure that hospitals, are important components of logistical support, for health care, education, research and other work is of great significance. Use scientific techniques and methods to improve the quality of cleaning work, hospital administrators is an important topic worthy of study.
&Nbsp;   keywords hospital cleaning, sanitation, operation program, quality assessment, hospital cleaning, as its name suggests, is ensure hospital sanitation, with social of development, civilization degree constantly improve, people on environment quality of requirements increasingly high, so maintenance good public of clean health, on as a a people daily to wash, keep clothing clean as important, in modern hospital management in the, how using science of technology and method, how specification management, How to establish quality standards, improving the quality of environmental health is our hospital managers project which is worth studying.
&Nbsp;   Good Housekeeping, survival and development of hospitals need to do sanitation work outside the hospital room, hospital system is an important task, is one of the important functions of hospital administrators.
&Nbsp;   cleaning personnel in the course of daily operations, not only to clean the trash, wipe off the dust, but also sterilization and isolation, preventing cross infection, which is required for improving the quality of health care, hospital management needs, but also improve the overall level of important links.
&Nbsp;   since the reform and opening up, hospital to improve facilities of varying degrees, Ward, special district for more family-oriented, modern, and some even reach the level of star hotel, cleaning management remains the same, still use decades consistent pattern, many hospital cleaning tool is still largely based on mops, brooms, very simple. Minority still in hospital diet mixed with cleaning, transport, operations and labor personnel to clean the toilet then dinner on a patient, which is not health, is not standard, and not science. With the deepening of reform of hospital logistics, new logistics services, including cleaning mechanism came into being. Well cleaning work is also an important means of promoting health care, education, research, which is required for medical, teaching, and research, which is needed for survival and development, and it is reflected the overall level, so new ways of exploring the cleaning management, the use of advanced technologies and establish the concept of cleaning work, is of far-reaching significance for the construction of a modern hospital.
&Nbsp;   I for cleaning and support services systems has developed a set of operating procedures and quality standards, worldwide hotels, hotels, commercial offices, hospitals and other industries are widely used and recognized by the ISO9000, 9002 international quality standards. We learn and Exchange, using its basic principle, according to their own situation, develop a more complete cleaning operation. Seven-step method: standard cleaning procedures, scientifically arrange steps.
&Nbsp;   process: Organization of work of the staff in order, each job has a timetable, and ease of management assessment check.
&Nbsp;   security: implementing cleaning security is the maintenance of employee safety, in conditions of security for staff to go to work happily, they feel, ease of work and work safely.
&Nbsp;   disinfection and isolation requirements: is the basic system of hospital disinfection and isolation, is the Foundation for health care quality, is the work an important part of health care management, specification as required cleaning work to avoid cross infection, an important measure for prevention, is the guarantee of quality of care. Quality: quality is the life of cleaning work, meet quality standards is the purpose of cleaning work, such as outpatient bathroom people, management is difficult, require quality standards to be announced on the wall, out cleaning staff and department names, allowing users to monitor and enhance the employee's responsibility.
&Nbsp;   work assessment: "steps, processes, disinfection and isolation standards" as the criterion, pass the examination, assessing quality, and bonuses, the implementation of management by objectives, promoting the quality of work and improve.
&Nbsp;   development of operational procedures and quality standards mentioned above, more scientifically standardize operation behavior of cleaners while cleaning, transport, separate diet, changing the past labor personnel to do cleaning work and transport, to patient meals to send water models, implementation of specialization and professional management. BACK

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