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Interior disinfection and sterilization

&Nbsp;   specializes in providing indoor sterilization and air purification service (regular or single) * housing, * offices * workshops, warehouses, cold storage restaurant and leisure centre, a swimming pool underground facilities, air defense tunnel * details:
&Nbsp;   ozone, O3 chemistry, also known as oxygen, oxygen-rich, gas with special fish, with strong oxidizing, at certain concentrations can be converted into oxygen, no residue, no secondary pollution, hailed as the cleanest oxidant and disinfectant. Of the ozone layer in the Earth's atmosphere, can absorb harmful cosmic rays to protect humans from harm.
&Nbsp;   oxygen content of about 0.04PPM in the nature, prevents bacteria from growing unexpectedly, protection of the natural balance of the ecosystem.
&Nbsp;   a, ozone in air of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus the killing rate above 99%; b, ozone sterilization of 300 to 600 times times faster than chlorine, 3,000 times faster than UV.
&Nbsp;   broad spectrum bactericidal effect of ozone data concentration of dosing dosing time viruses, types of pathogens to kill efficiency 10mg/M3 20 minutes of hepatitis b surface antigen (HbsAg) influenza a virus 99%0.13mg/L 99.99%0.5ppm 5 minutes 30 seconds of polio virus type I (PVI) 100%40 μ g/l 20 seconds of Escherichia coli Bacteriophage MS2 98%0.25mg/L 1 minute Simian rotavirus SA-H human rotavirus and coronavirus type 2 99.60%12.6mg/L 4 minutes (Coronaviridae) 100%4mg/L 3-minute HIV (HIV) 100%8mg/M3 10 minutes of Mycoplasma, Chlamydia pathogens such as 99.85% main function:
&Nbsp;   air:
&Nbsp;   1, ozone can rapidly kill bacteria, spores, fungi, viruses and other pathogenic micro-organisms and on indoor air and surface disinfection of the table to achieve the desired effect.
&Nbsp;   2, rapid decomposition of ozone smell, fumes, dusts and decoration materials give off formaldehyde, toluene, a variety of harmful gases such as hydrogen, chlorine, and other odors, to clean the air.
&Nbsp;   3, enhance the oxygen concentration in the air, promote cell activation, improve blood circulation and metabolism, prevention of diseases.
&Nbsp;   water quality: made of purified water, low cost.
&Nbsp;   fruit and vegetable detoxification: removal of pesticide residues, chemical fertilizers, and has a unique function.
&Nbsp;   elimination of hormones: clear reminders of long grain, antibiotics in meat.
&Nbsp;   beauty care: to clear dandruff, and face whitening and lightening; in addition to gynecological diseases, sexually transmitted diseases have more wonderful than drug efficacy of adjuvant therapy, and prevention of cardiac disease and the incidence of leukemia in children.
&Nbsp;   application:
&Nbsp;   widely used in households, hotels, hotels, restaurants, schools, kindergartens, enterprises, offices, office buildings, swimming pools, farms, hair salon, massage, beauty salon, Kara OK rooms, food storage processing plants and health care and other fields. BACK

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