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Kill roaches bug

Kill roaches bug

&Nbsp;   control range: throughout the warehouse, pipes, canteen restaurant and kitchen operations, garbage station and its surrounding.
&Nbsp;   prevention and control programs:
&Nbsp;   (a) the type and quantity of the first mouse, invasion pathways, Habitat, etc. According to the basic biological characteristics of rat, and corresponding prevention and control program.
&Nbsp;   (b) using powder method (or the glue rat Board law) monitoring the density of about mouse activity, and Habitat.
&Nbsp;   control front: timing, location, quantity, cloth flour (or plywood) view the calculated density.
&Nbsp;   control 15-20 days: check control (before the fight).
&Nbsp;   (c) prevent rat invasion: around the perimeter at the treatment site, using rat poison into defense, and regularly check the consumption of rat poison, complement the rat poison on a regular basis.
&Nbsp;   (d) environmental change and the mouse at any time of the new means, regularly inspected, found a new Mole, new entrance to take timely measures to plug.
&Nbsp;   (e) performance: take poison or chemical device traps, put the amount at a time is enough. Formed from the outside to the road line of rat density to a minimum.
&Nbsp;   restaurant operations 1. in the areas of water, such as drainage pipes, tank bottom, put on the wax block.
&Nbsp;   2. bait traps.
&Nbsp;   3. using clips, sticky rat eradication of rats, mice activities and can be used on the ceiling.
&Nbsp;   warehouse 1. mouse potions, because mice are not thirsty, so in a dry place with no water, use water eradication of rats will work better.
&Nbsp;   2. use clips eradication of rats.
&Nbsp;   restaurant 1. focus outside of the entrance and put rat poison to prevent rats from entering.
&Nbsp;   2. When you need to put rat poison, rat box should be placed in a corner or nook.
&Nbsp;   3. use clamps or glue rat Board eradication of rats.

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