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Office cleaning

&Nbsp;   1, scratches the glass (inside and outside) use of glass, water, does not have soaks the glass water, the force neutral cleansing agent, remove dirt thoroughly, including window cleaning, Windows cleaning, available for some stubborn cement spots, the rubber spot glass cutter to remove. Lotion contains anti-static ingredients, wipe the glass of Crystal light, easily stained ash.
&Nbsp;   2, comprehensively pulls the dust use the 2000W large-scale vacuum dry dust, coordination pulls the dust fluid adsorption dust of all materials, supplies, furniture surfaces, wipe, then to professional maintenance, some detergent of tile, stainless steel brightener, wrought-iron water and furniture wax, furniture is coated with a protective film, making it easier to clean.
&Nbsp;   3, cleans the ground floor tiles or marble and stone cleaning, is made of imported washing machine with washing water for cleaning and vacuum-washing water machine cleaning up, causes the ground to clean, and easy to clean.
&Nbsp;   wood floors clean is to use professional floor, coordination pulls the dust fluid, cleaned.
&Nbsp;   4, the kitchen restroom eliminates the dirt disinfection use neutral cleansing agent, efficient Degreaser, mighty toilet-agent, with the scale removal, rust, disinfectants and other targeted tally. Heavy dirt in line with high pressure water jet.
&Nbsp;   5, repair trace cleaning up for renovation the residual paint, glue, paint, cement and other trace use clean ball, the specialized shovel, with the thinner for fine cleaning, special cleaning agent.
&Nbsp;   6, floor wax on wood, the revertex floor, marble, terrazzo, granite, mirror tile, apply a layer of protective wax in its surface, after curing air, water, dust, skid resistant, anti-static, wear-proof, easy to clean, thus extending the life of the floor.
&Nbsp;   waxing include: solid and liquid two kinds, professional waxing, wax-liquid uniform distribution, thickness moderate, bright and beautiful.
&Nbsp;   v, cleaning procedure:
&Nbsp;   from the top down, and from the inside, from the periphery to the living room, the last exit from the door.
&Nbsp;   six, clean standard:
&Nbsp;   clean, no dust, no stains, no oil stains, take customer approval, signature as standard.
&Nbsp;   Note: the cleaning lady in uniform, use disposable new towel, disposable shoe covers, used equipment, tools, sanitized, dedicated field service process.

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