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&Nbsp;   the four pests (mouse, fly, mosquito eradication, the exterminator) is to conduct patriotic health campaign, an important link for the prevention and eradication of infectious diseases.
&Nbsp;  , mosquito:
&Nbsp;   mosquito bites not only suck blood, disturbing the rest, but more important is the ability to transmit malaria, Japanese encephalitis, filariasis and other infectious diseases. Therefore, we must guard against the mosquito-borne disease.
&Nbsp;   er, fly:
&Nbsp;   flies disturb rest, work and learning, and travel to dysentery, typhoid fever, cholera, hepatitis a, polio, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases, and can also carry the parasite eggs spread, great harm, scientific studies have shown that, the fly is one way to spread the virus, must be resolutely and thoroughly destroyed.
&Nbsp;   c, rat:
&Nbsp;   great harm mice in rural areas would severely damage crops, the destruction of the dam, gnawed wires, causing huge economic losses. But also as a plague, leptospirosis and epidemic haemorrhagic fever, endemic typhus, forest encephalitis, infectious diseases such as Scrub typhus infection and a lot of steals and wasting food. Therefore, we should vigorously rodent control, prevention of rat-transmitted diseases.
&Nbsp;   four, Roach:
&Nbsp;   cockroaches can carry intestinal pathogens and parasite eggs, spreading food-borne diseases. In addition, it can also bite the bad books, clothing and leather. Widely exists in warm, wet areas, to try to kill, to prevent the spread of diseases.
&Nbsp;   five, bug:
&Nbsp;   bugs can suck human blood, interfere with sleep, harm to physical health, thereby affecting production, must be resolutely eliminated. BACK

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