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Street sanitation cleaning

&Nbsp;  , guiding efforts to pay special attention to the sanitation of the street cleaning work, thus speeding up the modernization of the city.
&Nbsp;   second, the objectives of establishing and perfecting environmental management system, improve the infrastructure and to improve the environment dirty, chaotic, and poor, for the village, members of the public to create a clean, bright, comfortable living environment, develop sanitation cleaning mechanism.
&Nbsp;   three, working standard (a) equipped with adequate cleaning and improving the management system. Accountability to the people, daily cleaning, special cleaning. Clean the cleaning time:
&Nbsp;   cleaning time is 05:30-07:30,07:30-13:30 is touring for the first time, cleaning time; the second cleaning time for 13:30-14:30,14:30-18:00 for road cleaning time; the third sweep time for 18:00-19:30,19:30-21:30 for road cleaning time; 21:30 work (creating healthy extension from 22:30 to call it).
&Nbsp;   (b) to strictly practice, transport of waste sealed collection, Nissan day. Sanitation facilities, set a garbage bin, refuse collection points as required. Garbage containers covered, collected with a bamboo basket, cardboard boxes and other containers is strictly prohibited, prohibited junk accumulated for a long time, so airtight transport, Nissan day. Area of non-clay residue buildup. Public toilet expert management, to achieve "five noes" "five-net", in line with the hygiene requirements.
&Nbsp;   (three) grasp line cleaning quality of management, promote work of implementation; job workers to according to post Division, to do "seven net" (road NET, and Sha Jingkou NET, and Hua Ji NET, and hanging Canal mouth NET, and shipped body Canal NET, and Peel box NET, and cleaning car vehicle appearance net) "seven no" (no mess posted, and non mud, and main heap garbage, and no water sewage, and no health corner, and side stone no product sand, and sand well no jam). BACK

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